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Singapore’s Nicco Homaili knows that the love is tainted with the devil’s whisper on ‘666’

Showing us a contaminated love that has sadly almost burnt to ashes, Nicco Homaili is at his soulfully stimulating best with a single that will have you wondering why things have to end rather viciously on ‘666‘.

Nicco Homaili is a Singapore-based indie alt-RnB/Hip hop/Trap solo artist who makes a blend of musical-architecture that is sonically pleasing for our ears.

Puts out music that embodies the blurring of lines between fantasy and realism and every musical work done is cited to being a conversation to listeners.” ~ Nicco Homaili

Sung with a tremendously crisp technique that has you edging forward in your seat, Nicco Homaili¬†displays his current mindset to a situation that became as hot as a runway fire that couldn’t be stopped. Vocally fresh and with a catchy beat to match, this is that spark-filled moment to embrace as a life lesson for us all.

His music is a direct translation of his social thoughts during the after hours and while away from the working desk.” ~ Nicco Homaili

666‘ from Singapore-based indie alt-RnB/Hip hop/Trap solo artist Nicco Homaili¬†is the type of release that will have you turning up the volume and feeling rather anxious about falling deeply in love again. Sung with a true insight into that past relationship that burnt away just as it started, to be remembered only for its destruction.

Showing us his growing excellence that is rather impressive – this shall be a song to contemplate alone with – when you recall a past romance that left hurtful scars all over your back.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more new on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen