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No One from No Place directs us into that easily breakable fragility in our lives on ‘Looks Floating’

Dealing closely with the parody of life and death, in a rather cynical nature, No One from No Place tells us all the truth that many feel each day on his genuine new release, ‘Looks Floating‘.

No One from No Place is a Jim Vest-created Appalachian Hills, Ohio-based indie singer-songwriter music project that is made with superb animation that will take your breath away.

Some sort of cross between an Appalachian hillbilly, and the ghost of Ian Curtis.” ~ No One from No Place

Bringing us something so authentic and flowing with an articulate disposition that surges intrinsically like a calm river in springtime, No One from No Place sends us a real beauty to hug and cherish as we begin to understand that making sure our connections are genuine as possible to ensure that they hold on through the vicious storms of life.

Looks Floating‘ from Appalachian Hills, Ohio-based singer-songwriter No One from No Place is a really insightful single that has your thoughtful consciousness intrigued with a message all about knowing that we aren’t actually alone in this strange world. We are all actually suffering deep inside but if we can somehow keep our souls alive, we can indeed help humankind be a much better place.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen