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New York’s Angela Sclafani shatters all the preconceived notions with exemplary aplomb on ‘Bell Jar’

Radiating only care and true loveliness with her signature sweetly-toned vocals and smartly-created lyrical brilliance, Angela Sclafani sends us into a trance-filled state behind the glass with her latest single, ‘Bell Jar‘.

Angela Sclafani is an award-winning New York City-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter and theatre-maker who blends in beautifully-created elements of folk and Americana.

Inspired by Sylvia Plath’s 1963 novel, the song uses literary imagery to encourage the listener to “shatter” the conventions that hold them down- be it family, lover, or state of mind.” ~ Angela Sclafani

Featuring splendid production and instrumentation by the producer/songwriter Katie Buchanan, this is a superior release to most from the gloriously original Angela Sclafani. Showing us why she is one of the most respected artists in NYC and beyond, we find an introspective artist – who looks for a deeper meaning – and has your mood transformed with a classy display that shall perhaps have the hairs on your arms standing up.

Bell Jar‘ from New York City-based indie pop/folk/Americana Angela Sclafani, is a lovable single from a wonderful musician who brings a classic book to life. She sings with a comforting style that you can’t help but admire, as she sends us into a different world for a few minutes – as we urge ourselves to never let any restrictions hold us back – from fully realizing our full potential.

No matter what anyone says, if you believe in yourself enough then you owe it to yourself to open those doors and see what is inside.

Listen to this stunning single on Spotify and see her story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen