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Atlanta RnB artist and author Angel Hilson breaks her rules to let them in on her sensual new release, ‘Just This Once’

As her strong defences are brought down slowly to leave it all on the line as she hopes that this endeavour will be totally worth it, Angel Hilson sings with such a sweetly-tipped tone that lets you know that she has been struck down by someone rather special on ‘Just This Once‘.

Angel Hilson aka Angel The Author is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-born, Atlanta, Georgia-based acclaimed author, content creator and RnB solo singer-songwriter.

Flourishing so dazzlingly like a kind angel who has been hurt before but has decided that it’s time to take flight into the rainbow again, Angel Hilson¬†shows us into her gushing heart that has fallen for a caring soul who seems to have intertwined inside her so naturally like no other before.

Just This Once‘ from the multi-talented Atlanta, Georgia-based RnB artist and author Angel Hilson is a loving single from a phenomenally gifted singer and creative who soars up above and takes us for a vintage ride. This is the sweet story about being guarded before – but finding that you might have met someone who makes it all worth it – due to their sensually-invigoring energy that you can’t seem to shake off without sensing that cheeky smile.

Sometimes you get lost in those kind eyes, that lets you know that they are the right soul for you to be meshed romantically with.

Listen in to this fine new song on Spotify and hear more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen