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Always Get Back Up: LvlPrllel rises from the dirt on ‘Golden’ (feat. Warlock Da Killah)

Searching for the daily purpose that can totally consume us if we are in the wrong direction, LvlPrllel surges above the hopeless with an underground gem that urges us to focus away from the hurtful distractions on ‘Golden(feat. Warlock Da Killah).

LvlPrllel (Level Paralle) aka Angel Eyeland is a fiercely independent Bay Area, USA-based alternative solo singer-songwriter and spiritual advisor.

My main goal in presenting my music, is to intuitively guide people into another perspective. Into their own perspective under whatever willingness they desire.” ~ LvlPrllel

With a hauntingly beautiful melody, laser sharp raps and gorgeous vocals that seem to combine like that exquisite rainbow after a scary storm, LvlPrllel and Warlock Da Killah show us that those lessons of love lost and failure are just an exercise to greatness. The emotions on offer are quite scintillating and will put you into a really thoughtful mood as you close your eyes and find that vision you have been seeking forever.

I only ever want people to feel and think naturally. So the music really has nothing to do with me. And everything to do with the audience instead.” ~ LvlPrllel

Golden(feat. Warlock Da Killah) from alternative solo singer-songwriter LvlPrllel is a heightened message that guides us through the loss and into the light. Performed with a superb connection that should cause your ears to spark in perfect enlightenment, this is a sizzling single that will cause you to rethink everything you have felt before. Ushering us through the darkness and helping us to see clearer, this is a seriously excellent release made with that genuine care and spellbinding skill.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen