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Found her Tribe: Marie found the keys and locks into her desires with ‘Ride 4 U’ (feat. Angel Bre’nai)

After bravely overcoming depression, homelessness, poverty, fear, insecurities and abuse, the courageous Marie has flipped around her life due to hard work and that inner belief, to send the world a true message of hope with ‘Ride 4 U(feat. Angel Bre’nai).

Marie is a determined Anne Arundel County, Maryland-born rapper, RnB singer and University of Maryland Eastern Shore graduate, who makes that soulfully relevant music about life, love and reaching for your dreams, no matter how many locked doors there are.

She leads us into the sweet story of love, the passion is there and just wants to be with that special soul who truly gets her deep inside. With a consistent delivery and spectacular vocals, this is a song that soars into your mind like a majestic Eagle flying high, as you look for the peaceful lands that will only further cleanse away the bad memories, to bring in new ones that are freshly soaked with that pure goodness.

Ride 4 U(feat. Angel Bre’nai) from the vibrant RnB/hip-hop artist Marie, is a fine single that heats up the windows and shows that she is the loyal one. After dealing with too many manipulative people that were selfishly stripping away her kindness — she has found her tribe and shows us all that you can indeed win — if you put the effort in and wash away those bad vibes for good.

Stream this hot new track on Soundcloud and see the social visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen