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Andy John Jones

Andy John Jones has released their fiery feat of soul-rock ‘Closer’

Andy John Jones

If you’re sick of vapid rock n roll, melt into the ardent grooves of Andy John Jones’ latest funk-infused soul-rock serenade, ‘Closer’.

By channelling 70s-era Stones vibes while laying their affable soul down around bluesy hooks, Closer is the ultimate testament to the Birmingham-born artist’s talent when it comes to creating indulgent explorations of romantic frustration to timelessly enamouring tones.

The production may be smooth, but that didn’t stop plenty of lyrical grit entering the track which became an exposition of the danger of sex traps which ensnare us and keep us trapped in toxic dynamics. It’s tragically rare to hear ‘real talk’ when it comes to sex within lyricism, here’s to hoping that Andy John Jones starts a trend.

Closer is due for official release on January 22nd, you can check it out by heading over to their official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast