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Andreas Fevos (feat. Alex Bappo) – Metamorphosis: Live the Scintillating Sonic Fantasy

For his debut solo single, Metamorphosis, which came after touring Europe as a concert pianist, the Athens-born pianist, composer and producer, Andreas Fevos collaborated with Alex Bappo to set a strikingly narrative jazz score.

Together, they created a theatrically vibrant feat of jazz, which starts with the rapid tempo of neoclassic keys before the complexity of the time signatures consumes you within the extended release that exhibits Fevos’s love for theatre and storytelling. With interludes between the wild yet professionally tamed progressions, you just can’t help living in this constantly evolving metamorphically scintillating sonic fantasy.

With a PhD in Piano Performance and currently a PhD candidate in Composition for Visual Media at UCLA, you can rest assured that you’re in extremely deft hands through the often-times frantic expression of his ingenuity.

Metamorphosis was officially released on October 22nd; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast