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And Was It Just Luck

Throw A Kiss: Imagesong exude excellence on ‘And Was It Just Luck?’ (ft. Alexis Cole, Jon Burr, Marc Phaneuf and Mike Eckroth)

After returning to our gradually healing minds in February 2021 with ‘‘Three Magic Wishes‘, Imagesong kindly shows us into more true beauty with the excellent ‘And Was It Just Luck?(ft. Alexis Cole, Jon Burr, Marc Phaneuf and Mike Eckroth).

Connie Marotta, the much-loved Northern California-based songwriter and poet, brings Imagesong to life with the help of some wonderfully world class professional musicians, to bring her superb original music and poetry to our happy ears. Established with her partner recently, the aim is to promote beauty and to inspire love to flow through naturally all over the world, just like it should.

From a very early age, Connie’s poetry was intrinsically motivated by a haunting and deep-seated desire for musical expression. This desire eventually came to fruition as inspiration began to flow into unique songs that generally span the smooth jazz/easy listening genres with specific relevance to love as a healing force in the world today.” – Imagesong

This is such a stunning jazzy-filled-with-sweetness single that puts you back into a time when no one was stuck like glue to their pesky phones, and appreciated true music with truth wrapped all over it like a stupendous bow of love. Her vocals are so calming and with such incredible musicians all over the place, this is an ode to a classic time with makes you smile deeply like you have just won the lotto.

The story of longing for the resting place with a kind lover is so abundantly sweet, when the road can be treacherous and lead you astray if you aren’t careful with who you let into your world. This is that magnificent feeling when you know that you have found someone who you can trust, as you lay closely next to them and feel each others warm hearts beat all night.

And Was It Just Luck?‘ from Imagesong (ft. Alexis Cole, Jon Burr, Marc Phaneuf and Mike Eckroth), is an awe-inspiring effort from a group of extraordinary top class musicians, who once again bring Connie Marotta’s vision to life.

They say form is temporary and class is permanent after all. This is a fine example of what can be achieved, when the sole goal is to promote love and harmony as one.

Hear this glorious new single on Spotify and see more on her Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen