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Synth yourself to sleep with Curtis Melton’s Firefly Lullaby

The endlessly accoladed American composer, conductor and music educator Curtis Melton dusted off his analogue synths to orchestrate the ultimate instrumental soundtrack to synth yourself to sleep.

Firefly Lullaby is a definitively 80s ambient score with majestic overtones that invite you into a scintillating fantasia of pop and romanticism-soaked synthwave; insomnia doesn’t stand a chance against the glistening motifs and crescendos that are endlessly efficacious in their ability to allow your subconscious to take the lead.

His sonic scores are achievements standing alone. In addition to them, in 2015, he was nominated for “Best Original Score” at the Idyllwild International Film Festival, in the same year, he won “Best Original Song” at the Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Festival. He was named a finalist in the Ravel Association International Soundtrack Competition in Italy in 2016, and was named a semi-finalist in The American Prize Composer Competition in 2018 for his original works “The Genesis Effect” and “Forever Through The Fire”.

Firefly Lullaby hit the airwaves on May 1; hear it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Victor Bomi unveiled a spectre of synaesthesia in his latest cinematic synth single, Above and Below

Above and Below is the latest temperately scintillating feat of alt-electronica from the producer Victor Bomi, best known for his collaborations with Universal, Sony and Virgin Records. Now working on his solo work, he’s allowing his autonomy to make strides in his music which is a spectre of synaesthesia.

The supple synth melodies kaleidoscopically create bursts of euphonic energy against the robust rhythms, despite the minimalism. It isn’t every day that you aurally amble across an artist who brings out the softer side of electronica; the Italy, Russia and France descending artist clearly knows how to breed intimacy within his productions that manifest through his love of cinema and synths.

Above and Below was officially released on September 21st; add it to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ivar Kangur – Crossing Oceans: an 80s soundtrack to synaesthesia

In one of the most cinematic synthpop scores you could ever hope to immerse yourself within, Crossing Oceans, taken from Ivan Kangur’s 2022 album, Anno Domini, is an 80s soundtrack to synaesthesia.

After taking up classical piano at the age of 14 at the Royal Conservatory of music and working his way through his grades, he discovered his passion for composition, which ultimately saw him joining a new wave band in the 80s and film scoring. His third album, Anno Domini, is a continuation of his love of pop and sonic cinematics; from the first hammer of the analog synth, Crossing Oceans, keeps true to its titular nomination; the strident progressions break borders in the universality of their appeal. Delve right in; the water is lovely.

Crossing Oceans is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast