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Show Me How You Feel: Amirah Lov3 wants to trust the possible romantic connection on Tranquility

Desiring close skin contact and many kisses to make the world better again, Amirah Lov3 sends dreamy imaginative kisses to her lover on the superbly pure and innocent release, Tranquility.

Amirah Lov3 is a 16-year-old Las Vegas, Nevada-based FreshAzEva LLC-signed solo RnB singer-songwriter, actress and model who has the kind of vocals which has the power to flip moods back into contentedness.

Tranquility shall enhance all moods and we have the sensational young talent Amirah Lov3 to thank for reminding us that everything can be so simple if two hearts can connect naturally. Easing our stressed bodies above the fake noise and into a warm embrace, this is a must-listen if true romance has been hiding away recently.

Tranquility from Las Vegas, Nevada-based RnB singer-songwriter and multi-talented Amirah Lov3 are the sound many romantically intertwined souls shall intrinsically feel. Looking for caressing peace and a place in time where she feels safe and valued, this is a heart-tingling single which guides us to that happier higher ground for the better.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen