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Joe Richmond – Uber Can’t Find the Farm: Authentic Country Blues Straight from the Farm… Literally.

Joe Richmond’s latest single “Uber Can’t Find the Farm” reminds you of the very reason music exists.

Music should always be an olive branch of similarity to grasp with lyrics serving the purpose of reminding you that no matter how different we are, there’s commonality found between all of us. For their latest single, Joe Richmond has used his talent to allude to the frustrations of Uber mishaps. The Country single is so pure in its essence, you can’t help but be endeared by the stripped back to basics acoustic guitar and Bluesy Americana vocals.

The authentic Country Blues track was recorded at the very farm featured in the verses of Uber Can’t Find the Farm. While many producers may reel at the thought, it was overwhelmingly cathartic to hear the rustle of the trees add to the atmosphere as the track progressed.

You can check out the authentically Country recording of Uber Can’t Find the Farm for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Leather Apron Revival – One of These Days: Rhythmically Gritty Blues

Leather Apron Revival may hail from a small town, but their music is anything but a reflection of their satellite geographical location. The up and coming artist has recently released their debut self-titled EP, while each of the tracks has plenty of rhythmic Blues grit to offer, the best introduction to their sonic sound is the standout single “One of These Days”.

With hints of The Black Keys, the Raconteurs, and Chris Cornell snaking through the rhythms of One of These Days, it’s impossible not to surrender to the authenticity of the soundscape which throws you back to a time when Rock still came with blistering riffs, and vocals were more than a little bit sexy.

The wails of the organ are also extremely efficacious when it comes to amplifying the hypnotic Jim Jones effect of One of These Days, which is by no exaggeration one of the strongest tracks I’ve heard from a breaking artist this year.

You can check out One of These Days along with the rest of the debut EP from Leather Apron Revival by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ted Horrell & the Monday Night Card Release Their Latest Single “Chapter and Verse”

“Chapter and Verse” is the artfully captivating latest single from up and coming Memphis artist Ted Horrell & the Monday Night Card. But instead of running with the same old tried and tested rhythms, the artist subverts expectations entirely.

Throwing elements of New Wave and Post Punk into the prelude never set the expectation for an offering of an Americana Blues track with reminiscences to Nash and Young, the Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield. But that’s exactly what ensued with Chapter and Verse.  The keys brought the Post Punk atmospherics while the guitars carved out punchy and vibrant melodies which seamlessly progressed along with the powerful harmonies in Chapter and Verse.

Ted Horrell & the Monday Night Card are an aural breath of fresh air and their latest single definitely deserves 3 minutes of your time.

You can check out Chapter and Verse by Ted Horrell & the Monday Night Card for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Gypsy Lane – Misbehave: Riff-Carved Country Rhythm

Country music fans aren’t all too prolific in the UK. Sure, we’ll spin a Fleetwood Mac record or two, but rather criminally aural gems such as the standout single from Gypsy Lane “Misbehave” don’t get the airplay they deserve.

Which is fairly ludicrous if you think about it. Soundscapes which contain that amount of intensity, soul and riff-carved rhythm deserve domination on the airwaves. And Misbehave should be up there with the best of them, Gypsy Lane has made the Americana Country Folk more accessible than ever before with their polished concordant style which still allows you to feel the raw power of the artistic expression.

Gypsy Lane is an up and coming artist which is well worth putting on your radar.

You can check out Gypsy Lane’s live-recorded self-titled EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Underwater Robots – Wasted Tuesday: A Captivating Alt Revival of Americana Blues

“Wasted Tuesday” is just one of the captivating singles found on Underwater Robots’ 2019 album “Like Frank Sinatra”. While the soundscape doesn’t share all too many reminiscences with Frank Sinatra, it is a stylistic serving of Alt Americana Indie from the up and coming Philadelphia based artist.

Underwater Robots have a tangibly distinctive approach to Country Rock, which mainly comes from their inclination to mix up the usual guitar rhythms with irresistible Indie licks which amplify the evocative energy spilled into the mix from the harmonic vocals.

With Wasted Tuesday, you’ll be able to expect soul-piercing riffs, pensively magnetic whisky soaked vocals, and lyrics which aren’t shy about leaving you sobered by this wistfully enchanting track.

You can stream and download Wasted Tuesday along with the rest of the latest album from Underwater Robots for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Westernauts took Western Rock a Sonic New Plateau with their Standout Single “Gunfighter”

Hitting play on any track from The Westernauts is like stepping into a TARDIS and being ricocheted back in time. Well, it would be if the Austin Texas based artist left the synths out of their archaically inviting Rock sound – but let’s face it, the aural cocktail of futuristic elements with roots of the past is always going to be slightly intoxicating.

Their debut 2019 album “Enigmatic Future” features 10 sonorously striking singles, but Gunfighter serves as the perfect introduction to the style of The Westernauts. The single possesses the same galloping rhythms as you would expect from the Western Rock sound. While that would ordinarily be enough to lead you through a track archetypal to this genre, you’re also treated to lush sonic waves of synth. Someone might want to tell the Arctic Monkeys that this is how you fuse electronica into Rock.

You can check out Gunfighter along with the rest of the latest album from The Westernauts for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Eric Leyton Adds a Touch of Funk to Americana Country Blues with Latest Single “Perfect Path”

Bringing Country Blues well and truly into the 21st century is the up and coming recording artist Eric Leyton and his debut single “Perfect Path”.

While many Americana artists like to stay as true to the roots of the sound as possible, Eric Leyton demonstrates his experimentalism without any apology. Through the deeper than usual bends of the bass and the inclusion of trickling keyboard melodies which weave around the guitar-led instrumental arrangement you’re treated to a vibrantly fresh style. As the track progresses, you’ll discover the intricate infusions of Jazz within the mesmeric layers of sound. Yet, the vocals behind Perfect Path well and truly remain in the country, giving listeners the accessibility that they always look for when tuning into a new artist.

You can check out Eric Leyton’s single Perfect Path for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


El Gato Del Rio – ‘Cocaine, Whiskey, and You’: Filthily Archaic Americana

Yes! They’re back with a brand new video! There was no forgetting El Gato Del Rio after I had the pleasure of checking out their fabulously charismatic single ‘Honest Living’ back in January 2018.  It will always be an absolute pleasure to drink in that decadently filthy guitar-driven groove orchestrated by the quartet who know how to bring a solid harmony to their archaically-inspired sound.  With their single Cocaine, Whiskey, and You, you’re treated to grinding melodies, and reverberant alchemy which won’t fail to leave you wanting to don a pair of hot pants and head to your nearest dive bar. Yet, despite all of the sultry rhythm and suggestion of deviancy by the track title the lyricism is poignantly romantic, and dare I say it? A little sweet.

You can check out the video to El Gato Del Rio’s latest single ‘Cocaine, Whiskey, and You’ by heading over to YouTube now. Or why not head over to Bandcamp and treat yourself to a copy of their second album ‘Bellow the Bellows’. Nothing else will get you that intoxicated for $7.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Broken Bones Matilda – ‘Midnight Creeper’: Hauntingly Mesmeric Americana Folk

What do you get when you mix Balkan beats with Americana and Folk Rock? I suppose the easiest answer would be listening to Broken Bones Matilda’s latest mesmeric hit ‘Midnight Creeper’. The female vocals are just about as captivating as they come. Through the vocals and quaintly intricate instrumentals the duo managed to cook up a soundscape which is simultaneously haunting yet viscerally sweet. From Midnight Creeper you get the same jangly quintessence that you’d expect from more archetypal Folk bands, yet you’re also treated to the deep pensive allure as offered by bands such as Warpaint and London Grammar.

If you’re fan of strong raspy vocals, sticky-sweet harmonies and soul-splittingly beautiful melodies, you’re going to adore what the West Country, UK duo has cooked up with their latest single which was released in August 2018

You can check out Midnight Creeper for yourself by heading across to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Todd Barrow – Guadalupe River: Summer-Soaked Americana

It’s the simple things in life that can sometimes inspire the greatest projects of passion. Which is how I can imagine Todd Barrow’s latest single Guadalupe River came into fruition. There is just something so sweetly sincere and blissfully whole about the Americana Blues Rock single, you can’t help but get caught up in the narrative imagery which has been weaved into the lyrics.

The electric guitar-driven sound is packed full of soaring guitar riffs and intricately clever chord progressions which build up the same anthemic energy of tracks such as Summer of 69, you know the type I mean. The nostalgically iridescently bright energy that transports you from wherever you are to those summers that will never be forgotten.

In short, Guadalupe River is a track so raw that it becomes warming and I’d say it would be pretty criminal not to drink in the summer-soaked track before the dark nights come closing in.

You can check out Todd Barrow’s latest single Guadalupe River out for yourself by heading over to Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast