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SER gets the ‘Green Light’ in her genre-melding ambient track

Genre- and gender-fluid, LA Westside based SER grew up as a jazz-playing alto saxophonist, but – multi-instrumentalism to the fore, taking in guitar and piano – now goes the full electronic route with sequencing, beats, and vocal loops to bring us ‘Green Light’, A gentle vocal track overlaying chilled, mellow backing and clipped, electronic drums. SER’s arrangement is sparse without being empty, their vocal delivery light and fluid atop the space created by the composition. There’s touches of chilled out psyche-pop indie a la the quiet bits of Glass Animals or Alt-J squirrelled away in here along with the downtempo EDM backdrop and rising chords, SER creating a mixed-up and, yes, genre-fluid cool pop track that mixes up a bunch of influences, gives them a good shake, and produces something neat and original.

You can hear ‘Green Light’ on Spotify now, and follow SER on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Hranrad shows us the pinnacle of alt ambient electro pop with his standout track, ‘Misdemeanor’

Berlin-based artist Hranrad’s standout track, Misdemeanour, taken from his EP, Persona, is ambient aural experimentation at its finest. The self-described ‘genre-curious bedchamber producer’ was just as eccentrically playful with Misdemeanour as he was with his bio.

The delicate tapestry of contrasting and complementary tones is unapologetically authentic, not just in terms of sonic originality, you’ll truly get a sense that the notion of pretences was a million miles away from this tender and expressively honest track. We hope to hear plenty more of his haunting yet comforting melodies in 2021 and beyond.

Misdemeanour is available to stream with the rest of Hranrad’s debut EP, Persona, via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

AYGYUL exudes strength through her emboldening electro pop single ‘I’ll Be Alright’

Vienna-based, Russian-born singer/songwriter/producer Aygyul mixes up the genres on her new, bilingual single “I’ll Be Alright”, throwing in Indie-pop, Electronica, and a little dash or two of R&B, to produce a classy little dance-pop track.

Created during lockdown from Aygyul’s bedroom music studio, and working with poet Pati Avish (who writes all the lyrics for Aygyul’s songs), this is a reminder that, no matter what’s going on around us, we need to look internally, to our inner resilience and strength, and to take the time out to care for ourselves and give ourselves time to recover; ‘I’ll Be Alright’ is a strong track, dance-oriented but still poppy and uplifting.

Hear ‘I’ll Be Alright’ on YouTube. Follow Aygyul on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes