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Connor Jon has released a series of summer chill RnB staples with ‘The Love Connect, Vol 1’.

Before curating Summer chill playlists, you’ll want to give UK RnB artist Connor Jon’s new EP, ‘The Love Connect, Vol 1’, some serious attention.

From his eclectic music taste transpired a smooth dynamic sound, encompassing everything from electronic soul to house to UK hip hop. The singer-songwriter and producer kicked off their latest release with the single, ‘Big Love’, that packs in sensual grooves and an even more potent dose of amorous affection through the vocals which is where you’ll find Connor Jon’s Afrobeat influences. It’s pure mellow soul and a sound that plenty of RnB innovation-seekers will appreciate.

The Love Connect, Vol 1 is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get your self-esteem back with Mitchel Logan’s latest single Don’t Really Need You

Mitchel Logan

Is there anything better than belated epiphanies which occur after you realise that other people in this world are never the source of your happiness or purpose? Mitchel Logan’s Alt Lo-Fi RnB track Don’t Really Need You perfectly captures that liberating feeling of elation.

Don’t Really Need You holds the same accordant appeal of Lou Barlow’s melodically intimate solo project, yet, any comparisons to Mitchel Logan’s sound are incredibly fleeting. What starts out as a lofty minimalist Indie production evolves into a passion-soaked intensely beautiful track which simply drips with empowerment. If your self-esteem needs a boost after a romantically tragic battering, hit play.

You will be able to check out Don’t Really Need You from October 23rd via all major streaming services. In the meantime, you can head on over to SoundCloud to check out their former releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alternative R&B artist Mulini hits sombre tones with new release MANIC

UK-based R&B songwriter Mulini has released his new track MANIC from his debut EP ‘Night Time’. 

It’s a strong, sombre performance with Mulini’s working-class-James-Blake-style vocals rising out of an airy synthy soundscape. His dark-sky, windy pop is well-written, and well produced, with MANIC showcasing a fair bit of potential from the alt-R&B artist on here. It has that right amount of moany-crooning throughout, and a strong choice for that listening indoors and staring out the window vibe. 

The standout is most notably his vibrato performance – it skillfully wavers through the first verse and coalesces into a chorus with an almost-unintended catchiness to it that helped give this track multiple listens. MANIC is well worth one of those listens for fans of this kind of sombre, melancholic sad-pop.