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Snir Yamin genre bends and transcends boundaries with the alt-pop aesthetic in Aftermath

With an eclectic synthesis of pop influences and an ability to weave them into a stunning pop aesthetic, Snir Yamin refreshed the airwaves with his euphoric take on pop-rock when he released his sophomore single, Aftermath.

The power pop licks tend to the wounds inflicted by a bitter-sweet heartbreak where promises were broken and dreams were left unmanifested while the new wave synths bring the track right up to speed with the contemporary curve before his heartfelt authenticity superlatively surpasses it.

The viscerally tender release is the perfect introduction to the indie singer-songwriter’s determination to stir the souls of anyone who ventures onto one of his expertly crafted sonic landscapes. It’s an earworm that you will never want to let go of.

Aftermath was officially released on September 21; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ghost Nation advocated idiosyncratic autonomy in their dark pop/rock amalgam, Insane

Ghost Nation advocated idiosyncratic individuality in their latest addictive anthem, Insane. With a Shinedown-esque rock backbeat and razor-sharp pop hooks that pull you into the emboldening future-ready synthetics of the down-the-rabbit-hole single, it’s a feel-good anthem for every outlier who knows how hard fought for sanctity can be.

Uniqueness may now be celebrated to a certain degree in society but there are still boundaries to keep quirks inside of, Ghost Nation broke every boundary in their liberating anthem, which also borrows a few industrial rock tones. It may be darker and infinitely more twisted with the carnivalesque propensities of the melodies, but insane is the epitome of a radio-ready earworm. If Muse and Imagine Dragons managed to mainstream their sonic signatures, Ghost Nation is easily capable of doing the same.

Ghost Nation has already had its fair share of successes since forming in Stockholm in 2016. Their debut release was a hit worldwide, and their seminal single, Unforgiven, reached No.1 in over 20 singles. To date, the single has clocked up 1.4 million streams on Spotify and 3.6 million on YouTube.

Insane was officially released on July 14th; stream it on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nico David – Turn Your Magic On: A Renaissance of the Age of Innocence

The Avant-Garde artisan of evocative contemporary folk-pop tones, Nico David, created a renaissance of the ages of our respective innocence with his latest alt-piano-pop piece, Turn Your Magic On.

Starting as a tender ballad with chamber orchestral strings, the single amasses momentum within the ascending progressions and ardent vocal lines to pay a fitting ode to the endless power we possessed as children, granted to us by our limitless imaginations.

The process of maturity strips our senses of wonder and gift of naivety before replacing them with weary cynicism unless you’re lucky enough to find someone you feel safe enough to reignite that spark around. Turn Your Magic On is the ultimate sonic solace.

The lyrical depiction of a conversation between a man and an imaginary child is a reminder that our younger versions exist within us all, and they all need nurturing. It’s a stunning release through and through; the euphonically diaphanous beauty is equally matched by the tender sentiments expressed.

Stream the official music video of Turn Your Magic On via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Juliette Irons bends the pop genre to breaking point in her viscerally confessional single, Prisoner of My Mind

Lyrically, Juliette Irons reigns supreme over Baby Queen in her latest candour-fuelled alt synth-pop hit, Prisoner of My Mind. The gritty future-pop production plays with tension in the progressions to further amplify the visceral confessional nature of the track which flows through artfully jarring breakbeats and lush synth chords.

The song was inspired by her experience with panic disorder and her determination to help anyone struggling with the same conditions. As someone on a similar anxious wavelength, I can safely say that the badass icon that Juliette Irons has already become has left me inspired about what people can achieve – even when they are struggling with the exhausting shackles of mental illness.

The Canadian-born, LA-based singer-songwriter and choreographer is becoming renowned for her cinematic music videos and flawlessly raw expositions of heartbreak and the other darkest facets of the human psyche. It’s going to be amazing watching her ascend the pop charts.

Prisoner of My Mind was officially released on September 30th. Watch the official music video on YouTube, or add the track to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

West London singer-songwriter and producer Kai Justine released the ultimate break-up playlist staple with Don’t Worry.

In her latest single, Don’t Worry, the West London singer, songwriter and producer Kai Justine proved that she has got exactly what it takes to be the next alt-pop icon.

The moody yet energetic beats may not be a sonic signature that you’re familiar with. Yet, with the RnB pop vocals super-charging the self-produced mix with emboldening soul, it is all too easy to get in the dancey groove with Don’t Worry. The chorus of “don’t worry about me, I ain’t thinking about you” bites into the liberation that sparks when a toxic dynamic finally becomes obsolete.

Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are three muses that inspired Kai to tap into her talent; even though that influence rings through in Don’t Worry, it doesn’t override Kai’s autonomy. She is definitely one to watch.

Don’t Worry was officially released on February 25th. It is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cast aside embitterment with Anaté’s celestially panoramic sophomore single ‘First Time’

In 2021, it’s harder than usual to create everlasting positive memories, with timely their sophomore release, ‘First Time’, alt-electronic pop duo, Anaté, invite the listener to rekindle the magic of affable memories have become soured by embitterment.

First Time asks the listener to stop throwing previously cherished memories away by the wayside just because the co-creator of them is no longer around. It’s a difficult request to make, but through the celestially panoramic alchemy of this intrinsically stylistic feat of downtempo electronic pop, you won’t just feel yourself become open to suggestion. You’ll feel floods of nostalgic imagery finding synergy with the melodic tides of the sensual yet powerful release.

If the difference between Anaté’s debut and sophomore single tells us anything, it’s to always expect the unexpected. Yet, one constant is the depth of the lyricism which works alongside their intoxicating sound.

First Time may not fit the usual perennial pop earworm mould, but it’s all the more unforgettable for it. Anaté’s succinct command of melodies and ability to offer a resounding directness with their music will undoubtedly see them go far in 2021 and beyond. If you’re sick of artists who only scratch at the surface of superficiality with their music, it’s time to start paying attention to Anaté.

To revel in some amorous nostalgia for yourselves, you can check out First Time which was released on January 13th, 2021 via Spotify.

For more ways to listen and more information on the luminary duo, head over to their official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Naud – Snaps it to us with his quirky Melting Pop style.

French artist Naud describes his music as ‘Melting Pop’, and while the pun might generate a slightly pained groan, the music certainly doesn’t; on reflection though, it’s a pretty apt description, ‘Snap It’, from Naud’s debut EP ‘Cames’ (which dropped on 31st October), being a bouncy swirling mixture of influences, combining Naud’s funk bass and guitar style with danceable beats, and electro style, and a heavily alt-pop swing to the arrangement and stop-start, sing-song, occasionally falsetto vocal.

Named, one assumes, with a nod to a certain French distillery on the isle of Pinthiers, in Pons, Naud describes his music as a mixture of cultural and stylistic influences, and ‘Snap It’ has the same kind of effect as his namesake’s signature gin and vodka, a heady intoxicating mix confounding the senses whilst remaining wholly pleasing and enjoyable; there’s a touch of Mika or maybe Beck to the track, in that whole ‘quirky, borderline kooky, non-conformist’ sort of way, and that’s entirely a good thing, allowing Naud free rein here to produce a glittering alternative pop track which effortlessly straddles the boundaries of pop, rock, and dance.

You can hear ‘Snap It’ on Soundcloud now, or check out Naud on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Christian Schormann – The Ballad of Captain T: A Warmly Resolving Attack of Satire

Lockdown has inspired artists in many ways. Christian Schormann created the perfect Pop track after witnessing the lack of leadership in the US during the pandemic. Sounds dreary right? Wrong.

In The Ballad of Captain T, disdainfully playful rage pours over the warmly resolving instrumentals which ooze soul-soothing choral appeal. Tracks such as The Ballad of Captain T can all too easily fall into the novelty category, yet, there’s enough nuance and prowess for it to easily diverge away from that pigeonhole. There’s a sincerity within the single, a sensitive understanding that the problems which the lack of leadership has caused have had a detrimental impact on peoples lives, and deaths.

In short, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect Pop single. The unexpected guitar solo was the aural cherry on the cake.

You can hear it for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alexandra Ayoob – Something’s Missing: Soulfully Sensual Alt Pop

Alexandra Ayoob

Rising Indie Pop act Alexandra Ayoob has unleashed an alluring earworm onto the airwaves with her darkly atmospheric debut hit “Something’s Missing”.

If you could imagine what a Hozier, Bjork and Billie Eilish mash-up would sound like, you’ll have a good idea of the kind of aural alchemy which Something’s Missing will throw your way.

Similarities aside, the almost overwhelmingly resounding distinction found in Something’s Missing. Through the style, performance and passion, Alexandra Ayoob set herself from any other artist around in 2020. She’s definitely one for the radar, no other artist parallels her ability to ooze sensuality and soul simultaneously.

Something’s Missing is due for release on October 3rd. You can pre-save or pre-purchase the track via this link.

Keep up to date with news of the release via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Elta Wave has dropped her eccentrically electric Dance Pop mix “Dance Floor Dance “

It’s sultry, it’s retro, it’s euphoric, it’s Elta Wave’s eccentrically electric 5th single “Dance Floor Dance”.

Finding distinction within a Dance Pop track may be harder than finding a needle in a haystack, but you can’t help but be hooked in by Elta Wave’s magnetic personality in the danceable high-vibe hit. I should probably warn you now that the melody will stick to your synapses like superglue.

There are nuanced textures of Funk and Disco weaved into the contemporary mix which kicks off and concludes by throwing playful polyphonic notes your way. You’re instantly given the affirmation that Dance Floor Dance is an accessible from the first hit mix.

There’s no understating the commercial potential in Elta Wave’s sound. You’ll have to hear the infectious rhythms for yourselves.

You can check out Elta Wave’s dance mix by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast