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SCREECHER CREATURE explored the duality of disquietness in their alt-rock debut, Fever Dream

Between madness and reality, SCREECHER CREATURE’s debut single, Fever Dream, encompasses the disorientating duality of consciousness to the tune of grungey down-tuned guitars, chorus vocal hooks, and hair-raising riffs.

The atmospheric hit wouldn’t be out of place on playlists including Drowning Pool, Eighteen Visions, Soil, Coal Chamber and other bands that reigned supreme in the 00s alt-metal scene, but SCREECHER CREATURE came into their own with the catchy pop elements and the immensity of the lyricism that gets right into the crux of mental disquietness that gives little reprieve when your head hits the pillow.

SCREECHER CREATURE is the solo rock project for the Nashville-hailing songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & producer Wesley Steed. For the debut single, Steed collaborated with co-writer Jordan Brooker. We hope the sophomore release is already in the pipeline.

Fever Dream will officially release on October 21st across all streaming services. Check it out via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast