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The Time Meddler – Folks Want Blood: The Tranquil Trip-Hop Enigma Returns

If you prefer your trip-hop on the more temperately exotic side, The Time Meddler’s latest orchestration, Folks Want Blood, will happily assist in your sun-bleached transcendence.

The cinematic Timothy and the Apocalypse Remix tears away from the electronica mould, before boldly roaming into avant-garde textures, kaleidoscopic tones and a sense of intrinsic soul that brings you right into the tranquil heart of the mix.

You scarcely need the producer’s bio to tell you that he’s been making beats since the 90s. It is written within the mellifluous leftfield gravitas that throws right back to that era.

The Timothy and the Apocalypse Remix of Folks Want Blood is now available to stream via Spotify. Hit play; the cathartic payoff is instantaneous.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Take a Celestial Trip with Timothy and the Apocalypse’s ‘The Ethereal Event’

Timothy and the Apocalypse’s latest single, The Ethereal Event, is a delicious cocktail of spacey synths, epic sci-fi-enabled transcendence, trip-hop breakbeats, and artful gravitas.

Despite the lush textures and endlessly ascending chord progressions, there are the Australian artist and producer’s signature dystopic motifs that bring gravity into this elevated, genre-hopping release. And notably, we’re not the only ones fixated on the artist’s sound. With thousands of monthly Spotify listeners, it is clear that Timothy and the Apocalypse carries the catharsis and escapism that is in high demand in his production style. We’re stoked to hear him back on trippy and Avant-Garde form after he infatuated us with his Lynchian feat of electronica, The Mindful Cherub.

You can experience The Ethereal Event for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Reactive Armor delivered dark and dirty big-beat-trip-hop from the European underground with their seminal track, ModelA

If you take your electronica harsh, dirty and cinematic, Reactive Armor’s big beat soundscore, ModelA has all the makings of a playlist staple. The European underground electronica outfit consists of the classically trained synth player, drummer, and mixer, Tamas Valkar, and Andras Czimmermann on sax, woodwind and EWI. Together, they orchestrate blockbuster-worthy mechanical trip-hop that isn’t short of panoramic or visceral feeling.

It’s only a matter of time before Reactive Armor loses their underground status or breaks into the film score industry. Their dystopic sound isn’t just massive; it’s devilishly clever and easily on the same level as the artists on the Sucker Punch OST.

The official video for ModelA’s seminal track is available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast