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MACK delivered the ultimate hyper-pop indie hip-hop track, U COMING WITH ME?

The New Jersey-hailing hyper-pop hit maker MACK has launched another infectious hip-hop-pop-punk fusion with their latest single, U COMING WITH ME? Currently, the 20-year-old artist is known for winning the Write Out Loud songwriting contest hosted and judged by Taylor Louderman; it is only a matter of time before her accolades are 100% independent.

With an earworm of a melody that won’t quit until you have immersed yourself repeatedly in the alt-indie pop guitars, body-rocking pop beats and vocal lines you’d go to the ends of the earth to hear again, the single is a powerfully vulnerable hit that inhibits nothing.

So when MACK poses the titular question, it is hard to envisage anyone not falling head over heels for her talent that has seen her original music break the 1 million stream mark with her original music across all platforms.

Lyrically, the track encompasses the insecurities that can transpire when someone shows unconditional affection but long-lingering and intrinsic complexes make us feel unworthy. It’s an incredibly popular phenomenon, not that the airwaves would let you believe it. MACK isn’t just pushing sonic boundaries. She is bringing in a new wave of lyrical candour too.

U COMING WITH ME? along with the EP, WHEN DOES IT GET BETTER?, is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Celeste Scott has released her urban pop-punk anthem, Hate My Friends.

Celeste Scott has made a phenomenal comeback with her entrancing track, Hate My Friends; it is charged with pop-punk attitude, filled with infectious dance-pop hooks and carries all of the hallmarks of a perennial pop earworm.

With three years between the release of Hate My Friends and her sophomore single, we’re stoked to see the return of the pop-punk icon. With her heavy guitars, urban influence and hooky melodies, she has practically done all of the heavy lifting in the diversification of the pop-punk scene that she is sure to reign supreme with more euphorically sniping releases in the same vein as Hate My Friends.

Check out Hate My Friends on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps try to ‘Turn Back The Time’.

Tom Tikka is no stranger to the recording studio; a youthful solo deal with Olarin Musiikki in Finland, nine years and three albums with SonyBMG as the band Carmen Gray, and Josie Award nominations with the FBP Records signees The Impersonators, is a pretty solid recording career by anyone’s yardstick, but that hasn’t stopped Tom releasing three critically acclaimed EPs with new band the Missing Hubcaps.

‘Turn Back The Time’ is the first of six tracks from the ‘That’s What Winston Churchill Said’ EP, a collection of vaguely AOR-driven rock tracks with great pop sensibilities and an eye on hook-writing and catchy choruses. There’s some excellent overdriven guitar work, a nod to alt-rock and touches of storytelling songwriting a la Crowded House and INXS, alongside some nice bluesy licks interplaying with Tikka’s occasionally falsetto vocal delivery. It’s a great track, and a perfect introduction to the EP; you don’t get to make music for as long, in as many incarnations, as Tom Tikka without having something a little bit special, and that experience and originality comes across very strongly on ‘Turn Back The Time’.

Check out ‘Turn Back The Time’ on Spotify, or from Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps website.

Review by Alex Holmes

ORCHAD take us for a ride on the Devil’s Ship with screaming new single ‘Critically Ashamed’

Coming on in a welter of heavily overdriven ascending riffage, Montreal’s ORCHAD’s (pronounced ‘Orchid’, obviously, and consisting of vocalist Julian Hannas and lead guitarist Justyn Vynn) new single ‘Critically Ashamed’ is a screamer of an alt-rock anthem with a deeply, bone-movingly danceable groove underlying the hard-rocking guitar sound. There’s an old-school metal-ness to the basal riff, something thrashy and San-Fran sounding lurking under the modern rock tone, driving and energetic before dropping down to a dense flanged arpeggio, Hannas’ super-strong vocal carrying the verse between the powerchord frenzy of the earworm chorus.

Vynn shreds and divebombs on the solo without ever sounding contrived or dated, with a bluesiness that belies his sixteenth-note runs and twiddly licks, before the singalong ‘woah oh oh oh’ playout groove. Overall ORCHAD manage to mix modern pop sensibilities and catchiness with an undeniably rock sound and a little bit of hip hop funk; on the basis of this, ORCHAD have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about, critically or otherwise.

Check out the stunning (and very pink) video for ‘Critically Ashamed’ on YouTube. Follow ORCHAD on Facebook and Instagram.

‘Seasons’ is the kick ass track with so much luster by Ascot’s finest Picture The Scene

With winter in the UK coming around right about now- just as their 2nd lock down has begun- this is a Post-Punk firecracker with sparks of Pop and Rock, that is a like a warm blanket right now for our cold feet. Surrey band Picture The Scene are to thank for this, and they smash the ice right off the windows, with the brand spanking new single called ‘Seasons‘.

With so many different elements and influences in their music, you get the feeling that this is a professional outfit that love to constantly evolve, and they take you on a whirlwind of a carpet ride with their latest single. They are cutting edge and seem to sharpen as this track morphs into a water slide of exuberance- that you won’t forget too easily.

Seasons‘ from Ascot’s Post-Punk revelers and the act with the most awesome name- Picture The Scene– is a real shot in the arm, as they bring forth some rugged attitude and an ode to the grand days of summer. They vividly show us what is going on in the UK right now and this will definitely warm you up quite nicely.

Rock your socks off here on Spotify to hear this new single.

Follow the bands journey here on their Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ruby Drive put a Horror Punk Twist on Pop Punk with “Fruit Punch and Arsenic”

US Alt Pop-Punk trailblazers Ruby Drive dropped their latest scathingly rhythmic single “Fruit Punch and Arsenic” on May 6th. If you missed it, you missed out on a timely record which offers scuzz, angst and importantly an outlet for the anger we’ve been feeling throughout 2020.

Any fans of the Misfits are definitely going to want to hear their Horror Punk twist on Pop-Punk which can be found in the discordantly ominous instrumental tone and lyrics.

Lyrically, Fruit Punch and Arsenic is somewhere in between the tale of Sid and Nancy and the far more romantic saga between Romeo and Juliette. A striking narrative of two lost souls attempting to shield each other from inescapable misery, ending with an arsenic cocktail. Who said romance was dead?

You can listen to Fruit Punch and Arsenic for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast