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Glad That Its Over: Soulful Nashville artist Ally Westover knows that he was actually the ‘Logistical Nightmare’

After releasing two marvelous singles to date called ‘Lullaby‘ from 2019 and her most recent effort named ‘Oh, Colorado‘, Ally Westover draws us a picture of an unwise ex who foolishly didn’t support her vision on ‘Logistical Nightmare‘.

Ally Westover is a lovably dreamy and fantastically authentic Nashville, Tennessee-based, Colorado State graduate, snowboarder, chip enthusiast and indie-pop/rock artist. She is a caring soul who is wholeheartedly inspired by nature and feeling that real rare genuine energy within her whole body.

After a tumultuous year of change and solitude, Westover is releasing her debut EP, Painted Gold in mid October Her songs poke fun of her struggles with mental health and heartbreak while maintaining an upbeat sense of hope. She writes a lot of her music with her long distance best friend and photographer, Chiara Garland.” ~ Ally Westover

With a flourishing vocal ability that soothes your broken heart and has you totally enraptured by her stunning talent, this is a reflective glance to a moment that leads to that to all-important treasure of self-enlightenment.

The making of the music video was a true logistical nightmare because we shot it on Super8 film which then got overexposed and we had to do the entire thing over again. This includes baking a cake and smearing it all over my face.” ~ Ally Westover

Logistical Nightmare‘ from the highly promising and hungry Nashville-based indie-pop/rock artist Ally Westover, shows us vividly explained story which was carefully stored inside her expressive mind, when she understandably felt so emotionally betrayed by the dreaded ex who didn’t understand or truly care about her vision. After rolling around in her bed feeling sad for a short time, she washed off the bad vibes quickly and did her project anyway. This is a strong woman who has creativity oozing from her hungry veins – and sings with such a pure beauty and purpose –  that is always evolving and trying to be the best version of herself, in this rather lonely world.

Sometimes we need to wonder off the tracks with someone we shouldn’t be with for a short while, so that we then know where we should definitely be in life. The heart always knows.

Hear this highly talented artist show more growth on Spotify and follow her cake-lathering and nature-lovin’ adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen