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Take You Inside: Ukrainian artist Allexa Bash doesn’t want any regrets on Stay

Taken from her powerful 8-track release called Dark Angels, Allexa Bash is rather exquisite on the superb single to play on full volume and with passionate intensity, Stay.

Allexa Bash is a classically-trained Ukraine-born Dubai-based indie alternative singer-songwriter who has an outstanding vocal proficiency which is fused with her remarkable work ethic and love for her craft.

A brilliantly versatile musician able to cover pop, rock and jazz, Allexa’s interest in music began when she was just four. She would use a fake mic from her grandmother as if it were real before she progressed to writing her own lyrics.” ~ Allexa Bash

Lathered in so much atmospheric energy to swim deeply inside, Allexa Bash is in top form and shall change perceptions with one of the more unforgettable arrangements in recent history. Everything is so classy and without fuss, you see, as our hearts heal from all anxiousness.

Stay from Dubai-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Allexa Bash is one of the more dynamic sizzlers possible in our ears. She sings with a world-class ability and this is a real stunner to play when extra motivation is needed. Crisp to the core and features an impressive arrangement to ease all romantic worries away.

When two hearts want to stay, anything is possible.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen