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In Your Mind: Leeds hard rock act ALL I LIVE FOR knows that the eyes needed to be opened on ‘Awaken’

Featuring a riveting sound that cuts through all of those dusty chains that have been holding back a soul that needs to be free from the past, ALL I LIVE FOR confidently urge us to get that saw ready and get rid of anything in the way with their passionate new single ‘Awaken‘.

ALL I LIVE FOR is a Leeds, UK-based 4-piece indie hard-rock/alt-metal band is a well-constructed team that loves a powerful solo, as they make meaningful music that has been made to help others in pain.

Despite the heavy breakdowns, the band are not shy about exposing their heartfelt side. Their unique sound is focused around powerful guitars, empowering lyrics and a choral section saturated with emotive vocal harmonies.” ~ ALL I LIVE FOR

ALL I LIVE FOR bring us a real mood-booster that is all about stretching for the sky and never giving in, with the reasoning that keeps you so intrigued from the first second to the last. The UK rockers certainly turn up the volume and let loose, with an inspiring message that we all need to take note of quickly before it’s too late.

Awaken‘ from the Leeds, UK-based indie hard-rock/alt-metal outfit ALL I LIVE FOR, sends us a message that is so true in this constricted world that wants you to fail. With their trademark heavy sound that is mixed with potent vocals that just seems to get the ambience just right, this is a booming effort that is rather pain-alleviating and an exceedingly quality listen.

Hear this deep new single via Spotify and see more news via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen