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Adriana Adeline urges all the resilient ladies to never lose that crown on ‘Positive’

Sending a heartfelt message to stay real to yourself and to never bring your precious soul down to the rotten gutter just to get some meaningless pitty, Adriana Adeline grew tired of running and helps us to see the truth that is waiting to embrace you on ‘Positive‘.

Adriana Adeline is a peace-loving Central Florida-born, New York City-based indie singer-songwriter/poet who fuses her original energy to create a wonderfully alluring blend of RnB, folk and pop-soul.

Hopes to reach the world with her words and passion for music and does everything with 100% originality and style.” ~ Adriana Adeline

Taken from her recent 7-track Higher Consciousness album, the angelic wonder Adriana Adeline delivers an underground love letter to all the lonely women out there who need some hope of a better tomorrow. We find openness in droves here and a beautifully enchanting vocal performance that can only put a smile all over your hopeful face.

Positive‘ from Central Florida-born, New York City-based indie singer-songwriter/poet Adriana Adeline¬†is a Queen-like story about keeping that vital good energy flowing- despite the ups and downs of life – so that you may always stay true to your real essence. As the world darkens and the smoke fills the mind of so many, this is a welcome reminder to never give up no matter what. Finding those close humans who may hold your hand when things are low is the key, as we are blessed with a self-enlightened soul who totally gets it. Helping others is her mission and for this, we have to be truly grateful.

Hear this inspiring message on Spotify and see more via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen