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I Am Alone: Sarah Anne Fernandez drops a dynamic sad girl anthem with her extraordinary first single Drowning

Feeling so alone in this rather strange world that can hide you away from where you wish to be, Sarah Anne Fernandez bravely swims away from the dangerous rocks of self-doubt and sings with a pure energy that shall send you into a dreamy state on her excellent debut, Drowning.

Sarah Anne Fernandez is a New York City-based indie pop singer-songwriter and cookie baker who loves to create change and makes mood-altering music to heal with.

Urging herself to not crash even when her lungs feel like they are about to suffocate, Sarah Anne Fernandez stays afloat on a special single that would make Taylor Swift proud.

Sung with a splendid energy that urges herself to be stronger and a role model to others who need her right now, this is an ear-soothing experience to feel so inspired by when the going gets tough.

Drowning from New York City-based indie pop artist and actor Sarah Anne Fernandez is such a powerful single from a rising creative who certainly loves the big stages. Her vocals are rather spellbinding, and each note is executed to perfection by a supreme talent who performs with such magnificence.

Staying above water in this wild world is a tough journey that requires the utmost reliance.

Hear this spectacular release on Spotify and find out more about her exciting life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Heart Is Feeling Warm: Trinity Bliss dreams of those happy days again on the soul-healing California Sun

Sung with such smile-filled charm and enduring innocence, Trinity Bliss reminds herself to fall in love with those exciting days that seemingly never end on her gorgeous new single California Sun.

Trinity Bliss is a 13-year-old West Coast, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actress who is best known for her roles in HBO Max’s The Garcias, and Apple TV+’s Best Foot Forward.

The morning sun on my face feels like childhood. No anxiety, just freedom and innocence! Every day I get older, yet the sun feels the same. I wrote this song about trying to get back to that perfect state of childhood but as your older self…” ~ Trinity Bliss guiding us into the vision of her latest gem

An exceptional talent who seems to have that modest nature that is so often lacking in a selfish time, Trinity Bliss is such a joy to witness. Her vocals shine above and reveal a ray of sunshine throughout this lovely anthem, that shall find us all searching for that ideal time in our lives.

This song went through so many changes, like it was constantly growing with me. I didn’t come back to it for nearly a year – I thought I’d outgrown it. But then I realised I needed it. When I got back to working on it, it quickly became my anthem for childhood!” ~ Trinity Bliss explaining how to the process of this track returned to life

California Sun from West Coast, USA-based indie pop artist and actress Trinity Bliss is such a splendid soundtrack to those merry days that will never be forgotten. Inspiring us all to recall our youth through this cinematic-like story, without letting this oft-cold world freeze our spirit no matter what. Trinity excels in all facets here and shows us we can indeed bury the past and retrain our minds into only seeing the positive vibrations.

Looking to the sky to heal all worries is the best way to stay young after all.

Hear this positive song on Spotify and find out more about this rising star on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Long Island RnB artist Amornay seduces our senses awake with her romantic call to action, ‘You Want Me’

With an alluring blend of vocal beauty to open up your mind to the romantic possibilities that are ready for action, Amornay is on top form with a love letter that can’t possibly be ignored with, ‘You Want Me‘.

Anaysha Robinson aka Amornay is an emerging Long Island, New York, USA-based indie RnB solo artist and actress who makes a lovable combination of body-tingling vibrations to lather inside.

Using an authentic and creative approach to breaking herself as a new artist.” ~ Amornay

Amornay has the kind of voice that has your stomach breathing butterflies – as there is so much sexy energy on offer – that will bring unforeseen smiles to your whole soul. With a story about wondering why your ideal lover curiously hates that they love you, this is a single that might resonate with those who have perhaps fallen in love with the wrong person.

You Want Me‘ from Long Island, New York-based indie RnB solo artist and actress Amornay is a sizzling song that will get your heart rate up to sensational levels of fascination. Her lyrics are honest and her vocal tremendously captivating, as her ravishing style takes you into this candle-lit moment that might steam up your ears.

When you know that someone you like is into you, anything is actually possible if you feel the same and can keep the connection alive despite their doubts.

Listen up to this stimulating new release on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Who Will Be There: Melanie Peterson has us wondering about that kiss on ‘May I Have Your Midnight?’

As she glances next to her to see if that special person is there to give her that sweet and tender kiss she yearns for, Melanie Peterson sings with so much love on the hand-holding new single called ‘May I Have Your Midnight?‘.

Melanie Peterson is a Toronto, Canada-based, Saskatoon-born indie folk/pop singer-songwriter and actress who has a lovely vocal ability that has you feeling so much warmth and genuineness right beside you.

I aimed to match Melanie’s soft vocal lilt with tender instrumentation while dancing under an ethereal parasol. It’s cinematic and shimmering, with no big drums, just a heartbeat pulse. I wanted to showcase not just a beautiful song, but a beautiful voice. I feel it worked.” ~ Derek Downham

With souls soaring joyously into the beautiful blue sky above, Melanie Peterson shows us that dreams can still really come true. She performs like someone who undoubtedly believes in that magic that only your gut can perceive, as your eyes spark and sense that something rather ravishing is about to happen.

May I Have Your Midnight?‘ from the Toronto, Canada-based, Saskatoon-born indie folk/pop singer-songwriter and actress Melanie Peterson, is a charming single that hopes for that special kiss when the clock is about to switch into a whole new year of possibilities. This is a pleasing experience from a lusciously-tipped vocalist who sings with such a kindhearted style – that shall have your pulse racing rather quickly – as you imagine locking lips with someone who wants to be close with you on this special occasion.

Hear this sweet new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

My Self-Expectation: Anna Winthrop sings with her whole heart on the beautiful ‘All Of Me’

As she fearlessly transitions from making a living in the performing arts and theater landscape to now being an independent musician, Anna Winthrop is absolutely excellent on ‘All Of Me‘.

Anna Winthrop is a New York City-based indie Alt-Jazz solo musician, composer, pianist, actress, vocal coach, Mom and formerly a classically trained dancer.

All of Me’ speaks to the inner challenges faced on this journey with a vulnerable and intimate message.” ~ Anna Winthrop

You feel like this is a really special effort – with an admirably focused multi-creative with the wind at her sails – as she lets us into the story about the expectations which she has set for herself. She realizes that this is exactly where she needs to be at this stage of her life, as the trust to do what is best, overrides all other emotions.

After performing live at some of Manhattan’s most iconic clubs, Anna Winthrop has written and self-recorded her ambitious debut album titled ‘Coming Home’. ‘All of Me’ is the first in a long rollout of singles leading to the album’s release and provides an initial glimpse into her distinct voice as a songwriter.” ~ Anna Winthrop

All Of Me‘ from the sumptuously elegant and multi-talented NYC solo indie Alt-Jazz artist and former classical dancer Anna Winthrop, shows us a courageous woman who has decided to reinvent herself and gives her all on such a glorious song. With a peaceful ambiance, an honest tone, crisp vocals and a heightened motivation to be the best she can be – this is a nostalgic single that will have you closing your eyes – and truly embracing the magnificent beauty intertwined.

Hear this wonderfully classy new release on Spotify and find out more about this truly world class artist via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It Never Rains: Katie Belle takes us to the sexy sun-soaked beach on ‘Back to California’ (feat. Corleone)

Made by her producer Josquin Des Pres, Katie Belle has us thinking about those hot racing hearts beating rapidly as you fall in love and wish you could stay forever on ‘Back to California(feat. Corleone).

Katie Belle is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Pop singer-songwriter, model and actress. She was formally on American Idol in 2019 and is also the lead singer of her band Color the Night.

Featuring the confident raps of well-known South-East London Hip-Hop artist Corleone, this is a steamy track all about being in the moment and being so grateful you can be in such a beautiful place, with sweaty bodies and good times everywhere you look. The mood is alive and bright with the negative emotions locked away, as the beat kicks up the sand and has you jumping happily into the sea to enjoy yourself.

Back to California(feat. Corleone) from the fast-rising Atlanta, Georgia-based indie Pop singer-songwriter, model and actress Katie Belle, is that party track to play when you need a boost to get away from your reality. Featuring crisp vocals and confident rhymes, this is the kind of sizzling song to play when you are in that pool or down by the crisply-blue ocean.

Looking around and taking it all in, is the only way to live after all.

Hear this hot new summer track on Spotify and see more news via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Right Here Right Now: Talia Perez feels the wholesome spirit within her on ‘Glory’

Bringing us a beautiful single about never losing your core belief no matter what happens in your life, Talia Perez sings for the Lord with her Christian-inspired new release all about worshiping in all the ‘Glory‘.

Talia Perez is a faith-driven indie Gospel singer-songwriter, actress, model, and former Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts student.

This is such a reinvigorating effort from a galvanizing creative who seems to effortlessly breeze in swiftly with such wonderful energy into this cold world. Her lyrics brings you closer and into her dazzling eyes, as she sees the world with an innocent picture that is such a breath of fresh air. Sometimes a singer really grips you close and takes you places – as she somehow takes all the bad vibes away in a few minutes – with a stunning vocal performance to truly remember fondly.

Glory‘ from the multi-talented model, actress and incredibly soulful indie Gospel artist Talia Perez, is an inspiring new single all about never losing hope in this distraction-filled world. She sings with a higher purpose and you feel the atmospherically advanced ambiance flowing all over your soft skin, as sensational shivers seem to naturally form all over your whole body. Her vocal ability is rather special you see, and gives you a naturally inspiring lift that is much needed. The world may seem so dark – but when you listen to a true talent like this – everything seems okay again.

Hear this glorious creation on her Soundcloud and see more news on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Still Missing You: Carmen Mi’Chelle is stuck with regret on the slick ‘Summer Baby’

Produced by Detroit’s own Jupyter, Carmen Mi’Chelle glides in superbly with her new single that is all about that sweet time when you are on holiday with no worries on ‘Summer Baby‘.

Carmen Mi’Chelle is a charming Neo-trap/soul singer, actress, model and writer. She is a multi-talented artist who has that pure voice which you can’t help but be entranced inside by her every truthful lyric.

This is the message about missing their touch — each kiss felt like you were in another world that you didn’t want to leave — as you wish you could go back to that memorable time, when you could turn you phone off and do whatever you liked.

Her vocals are so crisply textured onto our hungry and awaiting palates, as we soak up this marvelous talent who keeps it real throughout with her feelings and mixed emotions. The class is easy to see and hear, you feel like this is a vocalist that you will never forget and things are effortless and with much enjoyable vibration-filled pleasure.

Summer Baby‘ from the wonderful Carmen Mi’Chelle, gives us a real thrill of a track that has so much bounce and sweaty goodness. This is the story of missing that incredible person you met and you can’t forget, but you know that you need someone who is always going to be there for you. The heart wants what the heart desires however, and this can cause your mind to wonder into places you know you probably shouldn’t be.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out her IG music page for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love And Unity: Jihae sends us a dreamy message of hope away from the darkness on ‘Utopia’

Recorded with love from Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn, New York to the attic of her cozy home studio, Jihae is majestically masterful on her latest single called ‘Utopia‘.

Jihae is a supremely gifted Seoul, South Korea-born, USA-based, indie singer-songwriter, political science graduate, model and globally recognized actress. She has spent sixteen worthwhile months writing and rewriting this tremendous track until she felt like it was uplifting enough.

The aim of this stunning release is to help us all with coping through the undesirable climate of vicious hate and unnecessary divisiveness, that is plaguing many parts of the world currently.

After working virtually with Dave Harrington (Darkside), Didi Gutman (Brazillian Girls) and Avi Bortnick, they added an extra element of classy intricate sounds to this passionate song that really has you gazing outside, wondering if you can actually find that calming place you wish for.

She sings with such desirable self-awareness on a galaxy-moving single, that has you in a peaceful place as you feel like you are floating in the clear blue sky, your relaxed body and mind as one that is searching for the caring place, where you truly feel is right for you.

Utopia‘ from the incredibly multi-talented singer-songwriter and world renowned actress Jihae, is a story about feeling like a stranger in your own world, as you look for something more in a new golden age, that has no hate but just peace. This is a deeply personal song that is sung with such grace and class from a world class musician, with so much soul and perspective.

Click here for the Spotify link and see her IG for more music and acting news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Is it love or a just a game: Chloey Rose is at her glorious best with ‘Hearts on the Line’

With flowers blowing in her straightened blonde hair, the captivating talent of England’s Chloey Rose, sings with that sweetly honey-tipped beauty that calms all blustery winds, on her latest incredibly well-received single called ‘Hearts on the Line‘.

Chloey Rose is a soulful indie-pop singer-songwriter, model and actress, based in Lincolnshire in the UK. She makes that romantic music that quickens your heartbeat, broadens your smile and puts your mind at ease, reminding you gently that life can be simple if you want it to be.

This is the story of wanting to know if this is that real love that you have wanted your whole life. You have fluttering butterflies in your knotted stomach and feel like this could be love at first sight. This journey has been long and you desire someone that will catch you when you fall and support you throughout the ups and downs of life.

Chloey’s effortless tone throughout her new single, has your eyes watering slightly as you sway your body to each lyric sung. She shows her class on this wonderfully created love song, that blows kisses into your blushing speakers.

Hearts on the Line‘ from the stunning talent of Lincolnshire’s Chloey Rose that was co-written and produced by Harry David, is that specially created song that you hold close and never let go. She has the voice of a genuine angel that is soaring so high right now, but she remains humble and grounded-her self-awareness glowing brightly-as she spreads this wonderful creation to us to embrace.

Love can be a heartbreaking game if you chose incorrectly but when you get it right and find someone that truly cares about you, your souls connect organically and your bond becomes almost unbreakable, no matter what obstacles you face.

Find this lovely video on YouTube, hear this lovers anthem on Spotify and see her fast-rising and exciting career on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen