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Katy JØ sings sweet smoke signals on jazz-tingled debut ”Spark The J”

Katy JØ is a young indie jazz artist born and raised in Houston, Texas. Her first bluesy-jazzed single “Spark the J” has just been released and this is a perfect wind-down track at the end of the night.

Her goal is to keep Jazz and Funk alive in her generation and Katy JØ is certainly on her way to doing this. With a laid-back style and plenty of soul, Katy let’s her voice do the talking and her mellow style resonates through the speakers. Everything is natural and the vibe keeps your head bouncing.

She is continuously working on growing her craft, and will be releasing an album towards the end of 2020. This young artist is only just dipping her feet in the game and this is an excellent start.

Spark the J” has an irie reggae-jazz style that fuses with some lofi-hip beats with extra treats for our ears.

Jazz it up in your life here via Soundcloud.

Stream this new track via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ohio Hip Hop artist Ro66 teases striking delivery on ”Street Clothes”

With a fast flow that is raw and heavy tops this is one rugged emcee. He keeps his ear to the street and is being very careful at the moment. He can spot who you are if you are street clothes and is keeping his eye out for any haters about there. He believes that he is on fire right now and isn’t stopping his grind.

Ro66 is from Hamilton in Ohio and he has had a tough ride growing up. Living in the hood has toughen him up and with that his stories are so vivid that he has lived each one. The vocals are so real and he impresses on this short track that is under two minutes.

Street Clothes” is a taste into the future of Ro66 and with his straight up lyrics and crazy beat. This is a good track. He has all the potential and now he needs to take the next step up in the game.

Check out this new Hip Hop track on Spotify and turn the speakers on high.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


”Cooped Up” is conscious Theodis Soul single with meaning

When you stop trusting what you hear or read on TV- you can feel let down and robbed. You begin to doubt everything you have been taught and that sinking feeling in your stomach make its appearance. Theodis Soul expresses his disgust in a stylish manner with one of the most important Hip Hop tracks of 2020.

Usually quite chilled in his approached, this is a new and much-needed direction change for this artist with a bright future.

Theodis Soul takes on a political journey with a few ups and many downs. A relevant look into the mind of a conscious Hip Hop artist that truly gets it. After being cooped up for so long with little leadership in his country- things have exploded and he can’t hide his face anymore. Reality has hit. Soul’s skills are of a high level and he flows through the track like a old pro. ”Cooped Up” is a self-aware song and he is looking after his soul and is tired of being behind the same four walls. This is a great Hip Hop track full of funky beats and clever lyrics. Blending the new school and old school in one song is a tough feat that he has managed.

Stream more from this brilliant emcee with a real story to tell on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


GrayeScale returns to music game with trapped ”Shower Thoughts”

With an ability to both sing and rap to a very high standard, GrayeScale makes his comeback to the music game with his new single called ”Shower Thoughts”. After almost a year away from music releases, he drops this hauntingly passionate track to remind us of his incredible talent for storytelling.

I can’t work out if GrayeScale ended up getting married as per his 2nd to last Instagram post before the announcement for this new song. What I do know is that this single has so much pain inside and this is a sad song full of regret and negative thoughts. I also know what’s it’s like to be trapped inside your own head and this has all the signs of a man who needs those closest to him to step up.

Shower Thoughts” is a reflective song, full of sorrow and includes some quality singing and slick rapping from the young emcee. GrayeScale paints us a portrait of himself which graphically shows his current predicament of being stuck inside and not knowing how to fully breakout and claim his past exuberance again. This is a song of the highest quality, made with so much hurt, begging for us to unlock the door to his heart, so he may fly free again.

Stream more of this wildly talented artist right here on his SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Martin Case – Sad Case: Acoustic Hip Hop Meets Alt Indie Acoustic Folk Pop

Any fans of the King Blues, Twenty One Pilots and A.R.G.H Kid are going to want to check out the latest release “Sad Case” from Martin Case.

The live acoustic rendition of the track which was released on December 31st 2019 stands a testament to both their instrumental prowess and ability to pen poignantly gritty lyrics. With those two talents combined, it’s all too easy to get hooked into the unique soundscape which solely consists of the sublimely intricate fingerpicked guitar notes and Martin Cases distinctive vocals. We don’t often get to hear artists who are brave enough to be this animated and eccentric with their sound. It never gets old.

You can check out Martin Case’s live rendition of Sad Case for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast