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Stevie Leigh has the voice of a soulful angel on ‘Turn The Lights Down Low’

Stevie Leigh has the wonderful voice of a sparkling, soulful angel on her now single called ‘Turn The Lights Down Low‘.

Stevie was raised in busy London where she grew up listening to music of all genres. She began playing the piano and singing at a very young age and her passion grew along with her involvement in performing arts all the way through her academic life. After then falling out of love with music for a few years, she traveled the world and when back, found her spark again. She is now a full time musician and producer too which shows how talented this young lady is.

This track was written during lockdown when Stevie was struggling with her mental health. It’s written from her own point of view as she struggles to accept herself and she constantly tells herself she isn’t good enough.

You are definitely good enough Stevie, your style is so genuine and any person you choose to be with should with, should be so blessed and grateful to be with you.

Turn The Lights Down Low‘ is such an introspective song from a wonderful artist who is finding out who she is in this world. She is quite brilliant and I know Stevie Leigh will find that special soul in her life that shows her how she should be treated. Like a Queen.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Oregon’s Dan Friese sends the world a gem with ‘Start Breathing In’

Dan Friese is a talented Oregon-based songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist. Dan is well-known for his thoughtful lyrics, engaging melodies and intimate live shows. In April of 2020, he released his debut EP, ‘Happiness‘, a collection of self-reflective psychedelic indie-folk tracks.

Taken off the new album, ‘Jane Songs‘, this is a bluesy waterfall of dripping water-droplets of music cleansers for the soul. The vocals are honest, the rhythm of the track is constant and you just let let go of all doubts. This is music straight for the heart, this is that take-breath and relax vibe. Everything is going to be okay.

With beautiful harmonica to start, you just know this is going to be a great song. This is correct as the start builds until we can hear the quality voice of Dan Friese, a man who must have so many stories of touring all over the USA. This soulful singer-songwriter impresses here with the inspirational song that tells us to breathe. Great advice in the fire of a year that is 2020. ‘Start Breathing In‘ is one of the gems of the year with it’s honest sound.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

io reflect on ”wasting time” via groovy Alt-soul smoke signals

We often think about wasted time and if more could be done. It’s true that some days could of been better used but ultimately you can be too hard on yourself. You were meant to be somewhere somehow anyway. This is a song that is on the top shelf and I could see myself sliding the vinyl on here to hear that raspy sound.

io. inbuilt obsolescence. This the fantastic track from the jazzy Alt soul-sprinkled act who have a real style that is impressive. I get lots in their sound with all the creativity and sun-soaked rainbows that come attached to my ears.

wasting time” is one of the best songs of 2020. This track has a buzzing beat that is ever-entrenched into your heart. The bass solo’s are so incredibly added here and that takes this new single into breath-taking territory.

Check this out on Spotify to hear this brilliantly executed song with soul.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Laurie Vusolo’s returns with impatient story of an ”On and Off” relationship

Sheffield’s Laurie Vusolo is back with a new song and it’s a chilled track that reflects her current mood. ”On & Off” is all about love and what you are willing to do in order to keep the flame burning brightly. The UK has an abundance of incredible artists and once again we are treated to a simple yet beautiful song. This one hits straight to the heart if you have ever experienced the confusion of an on and off relationship- which can be so mentally taxing.

Sometimes your best efforts are not enough and the person you truly desire just doesn’t deserve your love as they are too stubborn to change. Or, are they are willing to make an effort?

With such a soulful voice, this soulful singer-songwriter takes us into her head with ”One & Off‘ and we find out more about her doubts but fascination with an on and off relationship. She knows the time is over and we are sitting on the outside of her apartment while she deals with these feelings. Laurie Vusolo is a wonderful talent. I love her voice and the calm manner in which she portrays her feeling with honest lyrics.

Stream more from this rising singer-songwriter with such soul on her Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cafe Ena is determined to love again with ”Make Room”

Getting into that mental space to love again can be a very difficult and traumatic time. Feeling love is a rejuvenating experience and one that we all need to have. On the other hand, you have been let down before so are understandably nervous to take that plunge again.

Austrian born singer-songwriter Cafe Ena has just released a dark indie blue song called ”Make Room” and takes us through her journey to her current place, so that she can find her deserved peace and happiness.

Verena Bachinger aka Cafe Ena, is currently based in stunning Lisbon in Portugal. She has traveled around the world and has incredible stories to tell us all. Her new EP, the aptly named, “Locked Spaces“, is set for release so it’s been a productive time in quarantine for the tremendously talented singer-songwriter.

”Make Room” is a self reflective & haunting memory from the fantastically honest Cafe Ena. She draws us into her bleak picture with dark and moody melodies, never letting us go. She is striving to love again and breakout of her locked up room and heart, flirting with the idea and we wonder if she succeeds or not.

Stream this excellent song on SoundCloud.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Adam Banner has released their Alt Country Folk Rock earworm “Rarely Wronge”

Adam Banner

Adam Banner’s latest single “Rarely Wronge” kicks off with serenely winding Alt Blues Folk acoustic rhythms before their playfully endearing personality pours into the mix.

Vocally, Adam Banner’s distinctive style is somewhere between Jack White’s harmonic accordance and Kurt Cobain’s soul-soaked candid delivery in tacks such as Plateau. Which means you’ll get Blues vocal magnetism with the perfect pinch of pained antagonism.

The chorus in Rarely Wronge is what perennial earworms are made of. Despite the accessibility of Rarely Wronge, Adam Banner found plenty of room for nuanced experimentalism. Alongside the usual staple instruments you’ll need to be prepared to be transfixed by the slide guitar and endeared by the harmonica. Harmonicas may not have the best rep, but you may find your perceptions shattered after listening to Rarely Wronge.

And yes, Adam Banner did purposefully spell the title to his track wrong. That humble and self-defacing humility is just one of the reasons why you’ll be stoked you discovered them as we are.

You can check out Adam Banner’s track Rarely Wronge for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Folk Singer Songwriter Joy Becker Has Released Her Most Striking Release Yet with “Victory”

Manchester-based singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Joy Becker has recently released her latest striking single “Victory”.

Right from the first verse, Joy Becker sets herself apart with the boldness and bluntness in her lyrics “have you ever been so tired”, “this life is full of pain”, “but I choose to love anyway”. By navigating the usual airy metaphor-cloaked method of expression, the candid feel of Victory leaves you arrested with little inclination to tear yourself away from the resonance.

Alongside Joy Becker’s stunning beyond all definition vocals, you’ll hear frantic breaths choked out in the background amplifying the light pensive sting of the electric guitar and cello. It’s a potent mix of melancholic alchemy, but one which is no doubt essential for the airwaves right now.

You can discover the mesmerism which lingers between the notes of Joy Becker’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ian Flanigan – Give Me Color: Meet Your New Progressive Folk Guitar Hero

Quite honestly, I can’t remember when an acoustic guitar took my breath away, and it’s safe to say that has never happened within the first 10 seconds of hitting play on a track before. The distinctive choppy chords broke into vibrant finger strumming mesmerism which introduced Ian Flanigan’s reverberant whisky-soaked vocals in their upcoming single “Give Me Color”.

The nostalgic tonality of the track offers plenty of aural escapism while the lyrics set up sweet semantics which doesn’t resonate as saccharine due to the sheer authenticity that they were penned with. Any fans of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder definitely won’t want to let Ian Flanigan’s talent, passion, and propensity to weave aural alchemy on a fretboard pass them by.

You can also head on over to SoundCloud and soak up Ian Flanigan’s earlier released soulfully vintage soundscapes.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Butch Goodhew – Running Outta Time: An Alt Rock Twist on Acoustic Blues Folk

If you like your Acoustic Folk with an Alt Rock twist, Butch Goodhew’s latest track “Running Outta Time” is the perfect addition to your playlists. If you can imagine an amalgamation of the same sultry grooves as found in Nick Cave’s music and vocals which could give Eddie Vedder’s a run for his money, then you’d get a pretty good idea of just what the singer songwriter is bringing to the table.

The stripped-back acoustic instrumental arrangement allowed the soundscape to retain a timelessly bluesy effect. The acoustic guitars are met with primal drumming in the background to create a warm and rich melody which provides the perfect platform for the Winchester, Indiana based singer songwriter to lay his unrestrained, emotively raw vocals upon.

Check out Running Outta Time which was released on September 22nd for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast