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UK-based IDM producer Hewsin000 hums rather sweetly on Machiavelli

Lathered in so much haunting beauty and a featuring a beat so tight it’s impossible to dislike, Hewsin000 is on top form with an electronic breeze to cool down with called Machiavelli.

Hewsin000 is a multi-skilled Suffolk-based indie Acid jazz, IDM producer and event manager who runs many festivals around the UK.

I also play accordion and sing around campfires.” ~ Hewsin000

Showing us where the quality music is in 2022, Hewsin000 guides us deep inside his Machiavelli and formulates a rather tremendous song to feel better with.

Machiavelli from Suffolk-based indie Acid jazz, IDM producer and event manager Hewsin000 is a sizzling single to be inspired by. Furnished with so much joy and a thriving beat to dance inside, this is a superb song to get extra excited about when the sun sets. Pulsating rather sweetly, this is the perfect single to move into a better mood with.

Hear this new release on Spotify. See more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Third Arrangement give us a whole lot of ‘Rosie’

The Third Arrangement formed as a four-piece in South Jersey in 2016, around keyboardist and song-writer Nathan MacAdams and guitarist Frank Morley. Growing in numbers at the same time as in influences and scope, they’ve become a fine, innovative Acid Jazz-styled group, taking in rock guitar, funk, and of course jazz. ‘Rosie’ is a prime example of their art, with elements of Ben Folds, bits of Dave Brubeck, touches of JD McPherson, and occasional flashes of J. Mascis guitar breaks, all mixed in with storytelling, narrative lyrics.

‘Rosie’ is a beautiful mix of jazz guitar, flashes of rock flourish, and Rhodes piano, mellow and outlandish at once, all wrapped around the overall sound of a band that’s utterly aware of the sum of its parts; tight, assured, and with some serious groove. ‘Rosie’ is smooth, composed, with a lovely minor third rise and drop, and some absolutely filthy piano licks to compliment the sexy-as-hell guitar-work.

The Third Arrangement released their debut EP “Scarecrows” in 2019, and are currently recording more singles for release later in 2021; on the basis of this, we’re all going to need to get our hands on every last one of them.

Listen to ‘Rosie’ on Spotify. Follow The Third Arrangement on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Take a metaphysical cruise with Bad Wolf’s house mix ‘High Street After Dark’

Through a combination of acid jazz, Japanese city pop, indie dance, early house music and a few nyctophile tendencies, Bad Wolf sent an invitation to metaphysically cruise through urban streets with their latest house mix ‘High Street After Dark’.

The entrancing instrumental mix almost allows you to see car headlights trail by as you enjoy the sense of desolation on the streets where rampant consumerism thrives. The Manila-based artist and producer is discernibly a cut above the rest when it comes to sharing artistic vision through immersive soundscapes which are a pleasure to be consumed by.

High Street After Dark is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast