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Ace A Caped Crusader: The Superhero We Never Knew We Needed

Ace A Caped Crusader’s new release Triggers is a symphony of raw emotive beats that perfectly illustrates the plaintive 21st century American reality.

The New York based rapper’s lyrics combined with a lucid mix of rap and melodic ambience are remarkably resonant and a far cry from the typical aggression that fuels modern rap & Hip Hop genre’s, Ace A Caped Crusader’s music transcends genres with his transgressive music inspired by pain, loss, and hardships; his music is an open diary of self-reflection.

Trigger is a nod to the collective loss and sadness that the entire worlds is reeling in, in the wake of the American school shootings, it serves as a wakeup call for those who choose to remain ignorant to the horror that lingers behind the trigger .All of his music is written, edited and mixed by himself, which makes the music infinitely more humble, there’s a distinct lack of grandiose to the sound, there’s no ego for the sentimentality of the lyrics to hide behind, instead they flow with the rhythm in which they were intended. Whilst Ace may be on the underground for of NYC’s music scene for now, but with his undeniable talent, he’s sure to take the world by storm. His disdainful stance and passion for expression are a stark reminder of why true beauty lies within the underground. The relatable naked honesty and his ability to convey his emotions over simple yet cacophonous beats within his latest project is not something you want to miss.

Ace and his indie instrumental beats have the power to save us, one lost soul at a time.

To connect with Ace and hear more about his upcoming work check him out on the links below.

Ace A Caped Crusader Releases Tasnim’s Interlude

Some performers simply try to provide some entertainment to their audience. Others, on the other hand, really love to share a deeper meaning through their art.

This is certainly the case of Ace A Caped Crusader – an artist with a really special and unique approach. His recent release, Tasnim’s Interlude, is more than just a rap song. In fact, it could be easily described as a spoken word track. The melodies, provided by a beautifully textural background track where electric guitars and percussion interact, is all about providing a lush and atmospheric backdrop for this artist’s compelling voice.

His lyrics are personal, insightful and inspiring, going for a soothing, smooth, yet powerful vocal tone. On Tasnim’s Interlude, Ace A Caped Crusader set out to show off his insightful lyricism and visionary word flow, going for a very mellow, yet vibrant rhythm expanding and evolving throughout the track.

On this song, the artist exposes himself with no fear of revealing his most intimate side or deeper feelings. This is a perfect example of what happens when hip-hop and poetry come together, making for a creative, personal and emotional musical journey.