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Above Water

Ash Hendriks sparkles with dreamy Electronica-Pop laced ”Above Water”

All it takes is that spark, the bubbling bass speaker to build up slowly. The dazzling vocals catch you off guard and the lights slowly start to come on, revealing a sound that is like no other you have ever heard before in your time on this planet.

Above Water” feels like we are being taught to bide time, build up spiritual energy to the max before unleashing yourself into the studio to make dreamy music that heals.

Ash Hendriks from sunny Sydney in Australia has brought out a truly remarkable song that is ear and eye opening. This is stunning electro-pop, the distorted sounds in the background bring a stamp of authentic energy. Ash shows us the way throughout without toying with us and this is a young woman that making her mark in the music scene with aplomb. I feel like we will seeing her on massive stages in 2021, with thousands able to fully witness her genius. ”Above Water” is a timeless release from an angel who appears to hold all of the keys. 2020 just brought us some more beauty and this multi-talented Australian musician is on the way to the top.

Stream this attention grabbing track right now on her buzzing SoundCloud channel and join the movement.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen