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Quick reload and it’s all G: Andre Bugatti drops sharpshooter single MY BAD, LEGIT (prod. AB)

Showing us his hustle mentality needed to get what you want in life, Andre Bugatti isn’t in the mood to play around and raps with diamond-fueled energy to get the party rocking on MY BAD, LEGIT (prod. AB).

Andre Bugatti is a hugely progressive Sydney, Australia-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer who grew up in beautiful New Zealand.

After impressing us with 2021’s realness anthem, Tell Me Your Lies, Andre Bugatti is brimming with total confidence in this quite outstanding sizzler to feel the heat with. Powerful and never lacking intention, this is one of those party tracks which shall surely never get old.

MY BAD, LEGIT (prod. AB) from Sydney, Australia-based indie hip-hop artist Andre Bugatti is one of those street-like tracks which is so hard to get out of the mind. Swirling with so much to get excited about and keeping it raw all the way, we find a mega-motivated track which might cause speakers to shudder in shock.

This is what real rap is all about. Turn it up.

Hear this new single on Spotify. See more on his socials.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pause Button Broke: Oakland rapper AutherRay is all about the go-mentality on the street-storied ‘No Love’ (ft. Sluggah and AB)

Produced by Hudson and performed with a real honest edge that lets you know what its like in the wild streets of mistrust, AutherRay knows that its hard out there if you aren’t careful who you hang with on ‘No Love (ft. Sluggah and AB).

AutherRay is an underground Oakland, California-based rapper. He forges through the dusty mic to transform a state of mind that lifts him over the rest of the so-called competition like a monster truck on a mission to find the finish line.

Giving the world real music to last generations and creating vibes for the times to come.” ~ AutherRay

You feel the truth come out of the three artists when they have their turn, each artist is highly skilled and ready to put on a potent display – which shows you their ultimate hunger to succeed – in this wild west type of world. Staying the main dog is the only way to eat properly, as relying on scraps is going to leave you always wanting more.

No Love(ft. Sluggah and AB) from the gangsta Oakland, California-based rap artist AutherRay, shows us the inner workings off the mindset from three people who have been through it all and have the scars to prove it. Their mentality is of the survivor perspective as they have been let down many times before. They have traumatically seen close friends and family slain for a variety of petty reasons – as they give us a street story for the ages – that strikes fear into your heart massively and makes you wonder, if true peace in the world shall ever truly prevail.

See the new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Look Upward: AINT hungrily tears the speakers to shreds on the thunderous techno single ‘AB’

With a mysterious start that wakes up your sleepy inner senses, AINT is back with a new single taken off his latest album called ‘E1 Massive‘, that gets you in the mood to party like it was 2019 on ‘AB‘.

London, UK-based techno producer AINT, makes that catchy bass groove that has you imagining those sweaty dance floor days, with a powerful array of beats up his sleeve for us to enjoy.

The underground and unsigned producer is influenced by artists such as Helena Hauff, Mall Grab, Mount Kimbie, Nine Inch Nails, Airhead just to name a few, as you feel all of his love for different genres shine through on this diverse single.

You feel like you are climbing high, stretching each sinew of your body to reach those heights that you truly desire in your heart. The soundscape has you motivated and ready to take on any challenge.

AB‘ from London techno producer AINT, is a rapid fire array of busty beats that certainly has your attention the whole way through. This is an ode to the good times when clubs were full and heads were a bit more weary at 4am.

Stream the new fast paced single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen