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The mysterious 8udDha bl0od bless us with new electro track ‘(((?)))’

The magically brilliant Brighton band 8udDha bl0od are back with the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘.

There are no vocals on this one as we are transported into a translucent journey, full of lights and possibilities. You get locked into the song but it is never hard to imagine here, your eyes closed as you are put into a trance. This is such amazing music as I feel so much more free. There are droplets of electronic energy here as you look for the answer in your heart. What is life about really?

The UK act 8udDha bl0od are in fine form once again on their new single, the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘. This is a band that doesn’t make any bad songs. The musicianship is so classy yet so intriguing. You feel like you are perhaps floating into the sky, the clouds are no match as you float away, in your happy place. This is a sparkling effort from a band with so much potential. They need one of their songs to be a movie or series. Perhaps this will be when the world really appreciates this fine band from Brighton in the UK.

Head here for the Soundcloud link.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK Alt artist 8udDha bl0od has released their enticingly chilling ambient soundscape “The Lost Pleiad”

Aural enigma 8udDha bl0od has unleashed yet another enticingly chilling soundscape on the airwaves with their latest release “The Lost Pleiad”.

It takes an unholy amount of talent to create an experimental track which offers instant magnetic appeal, but that’s exactly what 8udDha bl0od achieved with his ambiently beguiling single. The tones may have bordered on celestial but didn’t mean that 8udDha bl0od had to hold back on his almost Machiavellianly mischievous ingenuity.

From start to finish, The Lost Pleiad was mesmeric and all-consuming. Around the inventive electronic effects, you’ll find sporadic offerings of angularly picked guitar strings and tranquil pools of reverb which will convince you to hit play time and time again.

There’s no adjective more fitting for The Lost Pleiad than stunning. As always, we can’t wait to hear what 8udDha bl0od has in the pipeline.

You can check out 8udDha bl0od’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

8udDha bl0od – Ophiuchus: Serafin: Transfixingly Avant-Garde Progressive Alt Rock

Ophiuchus: Serafin is the latest single to be released from the immeasurably ingenious aural alchemist 8udDha bl0od. If any artist could be described as the modern-day equivalent to The Residents, it’s 8udDha bl0od

The Brighton-based artist may constantly switch up their sound with their new releases, but you can usually rely on a transfixing level of avant-garde accessible chaos. The accordantly rhythmic disarray in Ophiuchus: Serafin certainly didn’t disappoint.

Within Ophiuchus: Serafin, you’ll find nuances of Psych Rock, Surf Rock, No Wave and plenty more. The ten-minute extended track may make some dramatic tonal shifts and throw some discord your way, but each progression is as indulgent as the last.

If there’s an artist we’re grateful to have discovered this year, it’s 8udDha bl0od with their infinitely wild imagination when it comes to orchestrating soundscapes.

You can check out Ophiuchus: Serafin which was released on July 20th for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

8udDha bl0od – SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5

8udDha bl0od

Brighton-based experimental artist 8udDha bl0od has a tendency to leave us transfixed by their constantly evolving sound. With their upcoming release “SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5” they’ve left us emotionally stung and aurally enamoured once more.

In their usual style, 8udDha bl0od ensured that the track carried an arsenal of curveballs which will throw you from the accordance you have settled into.

As the track kicks off, there’s something incredibly piercing about the artful tone and tempo despite the light textures and transcendent air which breathes around the slightly psychedelic progressions in the ethereally resolving soundscape.

Halfway through the 7-minute track, SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5 takes an unexpected turn and veers in the direction of Lo-Fi Brit Pop which any fans of Blur will appreciate. But the evolutions in 8udDha bl0od’s track doesn’t end there. To fade out, 8udDha bl0od uses a haunting cinematic neo-noir outro which dissipates into the sound of rolling waves.

We needed no more proof that 8udDha bl0od was one of the most talented underground artists around in 2020, but with their latest single, he delivered yet another undeniable affirmation of his pioneeringly astounding talent.

SUm 0f the !x|xi gl17ch35 & 7h3 x!i 73ll7A!L 51gn5 0f 5p3c7R3 SARk0pH.:.rgU5 is due for release on July 5th. You’ll be able to check it out yourselves via SoundCloud from the date of the release.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

8udDha bl0od go old school 70’s with laid-back winner ‘’81llY 8lU3 800g13 0n D0wn 2 m3’’

I feel like I’m in a movie for this one. UK’s ‘8udDha bl0od’ create another masterpiece and are in inspired form with ‘’81llY 8lU3 800g13 0n D0wn 2 m3’’ aka Boogie On Down. 

With a tie-dye shirt on, red-shaded sunglasses stuck to my sunburnt face and a Bob Marley cigarette dangling between my chapped lips, this is the kind of eargasm-music that gets you in the mood for life. Forget all the nonsense illuminating from the TV new channels of 2020 and turn this song up loud.

This is real music, with a funky bass line for days and a kick-ass drumline. The vocals are spacey-fied, I feel like I’m in the music video with the band, dancing along with a goofy grin on my face. This is how good music should make you feel right? This could be ‘8udDha bl0od’s’ signature song that propels them into a world we can only imagine.

Find your new favorite band’s music right here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

8udDha bl0od from Brighton implore us to ‘’Listen To The Music’’

You gotta save the olive. You gotta listen to the music. This is the message from the boys who reside in one of the UK’s most interesting places- Brighton- so we should listen. 

Melodic riffs and spacey vocals is what the guys are known for and they certainly have a good vibe going for this one. The message is simple, listen to the music and don’t get caught up in the other stuff that can hold you back. Hide your love until you meet the right person too. I love the way this song starts and the rhythm is constant throughout- super mellow and bass-filled. 

‘’Listen To The Music’’ is the new release from Brighton boys ‘8udDha bl0od’ who riff it up on this cool track. A good song with a real message, this one will be played loud all over the UK and the world hopefully. I’d say that this kind of music is enjoyed most at full voltage with an ice cold beverage of your choice. 

This is a funky band who put their heart and soul into everything they do. Lay back and enjoy. 

Get more of the Brighton band through SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

12 minutes of brilliantly composed trippy guitar heaven with 8udDha bl0od’s ‘’M.:.Y D.:.Y W.:.Y; 17: M.:.D 2 83 N0Rm.:.l’’

You can blow my mind. This song might have actually done that. I feel like I am above the clouds right now after listening to this groovy track and I’ve been drinking water and orange juice all day. This is the latest release from the hand-working English band and they are on their best form here.

‘’M.:.Y D.:.Y W.:.Y; 17: M.:.D 2 83 N0Rm.:.l’’ is 12 minutes long and it’s a journey you will want to go on. The funky vibe going on is so good, the vocals are raw, in your face and you want to bob the head for this one. I feel more confident after this song, the beat just makes me happy.

I would love to listen to this epic track in a band room with a whole bunch of good friends or new mates, volume up high, just all sweaty and dancing our legs off. This is quality music right here. The Brighton boys deliver on ‘’M.:.Y D.:.Y W.:.Y; 17: M.:.D 2 83 N0Rm.:.l’’.

Get the funky beats inside you now with 8udDha bl0od on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘’You Were Never In Love’’ is the new hard-hitting song from Brighton’s 8udDha bl0od

With an Amy Winehouse ‘’Valerie’ type start, this song morphs into something rather sad, all about not really being in love even though you thought you were. These are hard to face facts that are a part of one’s life and most of us will feel this unfortunate feeling. 

This isn’t one of my favorite ‘8udDha bl0od’ tracks but it’s still a good song. I guess I have been spoiled by their high standard but still enjoyed the beat and the overall execution. 

The English boys have been on a tear in 2020 and all that time spent in the cabin together has paid off. I imagine that they didn’t shave once and had massive beards but that question will be answered when I annoy them with random questions after they play live soon. Bring on the days of live shows where bands like this can be cherished and loved with loud and possibly alcohol-infused yelling and clapping.

Hear more from this wonderfully different band on their SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

3 songs in 1 with the ever-creative 8udDha bl0od’s smoke-filled new single- ’M.:.Y Vii’’

Late on earth, we’re just doing our time. 8udDha bl0od from Brighton certainly knows how to create absolute ballads that knock it out the park. This is a smokey filled reflection song of the very highest order.

The first quarter of the single ’M.:.Y Vii’’ is a trippy look from above the clouds, the 2nd part of the song is an Americana flown trip across galaxies and the final part is a road trip on the water, swimming among mermaids in the clear blue waters of somewhere exotic. Quite a song right?

‘8udDha bl0od’ continues to deliver and this might be my favorite song of theirs so far. It’s been crafted with love and precision, at the same time it’s so different. I like that about 8udDha bl0od. They are incomparable. Who else makes 3 songs in 1?

Get more ‘8udDha bl0od’ on their fascinating SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

8udDha bl0od – M08Y’5 7!cking 7im3 80m8: new-wave sounds

Delving back into a mostly instrumental song, this time 8udDha bl0od produce a more electronic project with their M08Y’5 7!cking 7im3 80m8.

Appreciating the diversity of styles the band presents is both a job and a pleasure as they’re always coming up with new and original ways to experiment with their sound, a risk you take if you’re confident in your music. In fact, very few artists take this risk nowadays.

But not 8udDha bl0od. In M08Y’5 7!cking 7im3 80m8 (which I believe stands for “Moby’s Ticking Time Bomb”), they explore new-wave sounds by employing synths, loops and beats, that interlace as if they were panning out to a dancehall outcome. One technical highlight to appreciate, the synth bass kicking in halfway into the song that adds dynamic movement to the structure.

A hint of vocals opens up in the final part with almost unintelligible lyrics but the effects used to distort the tone perfectly match the atmosphere the song is aiming to achieve.

You can listen to M08Y’5 7!cking 7im3 80m8 for yourself on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.