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Override Anxiety with Breaking Pop artist LIIYO’s Latest Single ‘Overwhelmed’

Usually, Pop ballads tend to narrate love stories which only seem to reflect Hollywood-style romance, with their latest single, ‘Overwhelmed’, London-based Pop artist LIIYO cut the pretence and projected plaintive resonant emotion which we have all felt at some point during lockdown.

Ultimately, Overwhelmed is reassurance that no matter how powerless you feel, no matter how much you feel like your sanity is slipping, those feelings will fade.

Overwhelmed is a sonorously cathartic aural extension of the artist’s compassion and tenacity when it comes to offering his fans exactly what they need to hear. It may have been their first time orchestrating a ballad, but LIIYO was able to bring a striking amount of maturity to Overwhelmed which followed on from their two precious releases ‘Bad Reaction’ and ‘Dizzy’.

With their affinity for KPOP, 90s RnB, Soul and 80s Electro all feeding their way into the mix, which was produced by Will Henderson, the instrumentals are as tender as the lyrics and vocals which offer pitch-perfect Pop harmony.

LIIYO may have only made his debut in Summer 2020, but previously, they were lending their talent to KPOP-inspired UK Pop groups who were responsible for bringing plenty of KPOP fever to this side of the pond. As a solo artist, LIIYO started to strive to find their own sound, instead of celebrating a pre-existing one. The result? Darker, deeper, more meaningful music that will undoubtedly become plenty of people’s playlist staples.

You can check out LIIYO’s latest single Overwhelmed for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Keep up to date with new releases from LIIYO via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The impressive Nic Silver drops debut song called ‘Reborn in a Dream’

Nic Silver returns with his new electronic-powered single called ‘Reborn in a Dream‘.

Nic Silver is a Swedish artist and electronic music producer based in London. He has a marvelous feel for the sounds that emanates from his brain, soul and blossoming beard.

I feel like this song has taken me back to the 80’s somehow. The sounds are earthy and fresh, there are lots of colors and the vibe is alight like a beautiful burning candle. The waxy grooves are entertaining, my mouth is getting thirsty imagining being on the dance-floor, getting all sweaty while listening to this vibe live.

I do feel reborn after this experience and that is exactly what Nic Silver wanted. ‘Reborn in a Dream‘ transports you like a fantasy-fulfilling vivid dream and you feel like things are going to be okay. Life is to be enjoyed and danced to, not cooped up outside.

Stream this succulent synth-fest that will make you blush on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Malene Markussen is here with enchanting anthem ”Some Kind of Rescue”

Malene Markussen is a fantastic Norwegian singer-songwriter based in Oslo, Norway. Her music is rooted in the pop-electronic sound style and is inspired by artists such as Sia, Røyskopp and The Midnight.

This song is all about staying strong no matter what. You might seem strong on the outside but inside things could be way different. It’s so important to see more that what meets the eye and to be sensitive to this. We all need to look after each other in this world no matter what our differences. A hug and a gentle conversation always helps when someone is down. We can all rescue someone if we care enough.

Some Kind of Rescue” is a stunning song from this stupendously talented performer. She sings with her heart on her sleeve and I feel like I’m in another world while listening to her so intently. The violin in this song top everything off and she is a special talent that is going to blossom globally.

Stream this fabulous Norwegian singer right here on her Spotify page.

To get news on new releases and live gigs when they are back, head through to her Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London singer Julie Hicklin sends us meaningful message on a love letter with debut ”The Power and The Glory”

A plea to save our planet before it’s too late. “Rise up, wake up, face up, rewrite the story”. We need to take our heads out the sand and look after such a vital part of our life. The planet needs us and the time is now. With so many other distractions going on at the moment it feels like this important message has been a bit lost.

Electronic Pop artist Julie Hicklin has an enchanting voice that really pulls you into her lovely web of beautifully crafted vocals. ”The Power and The Glory” describes Julie to perfection. This Londoner sings her heart out and the message is to save the planet and we need to look after her badly. I love the message and can’t wait to see her live when venues open up again in the UK. Julie sings about love and life. This debut release echoes through my speakers and this is an exciting song to play loud. Julie Hicklin is a real talent and we need to take notice of this UK singer with lungs to die for.

For info on gig news and announcements from Julie head over to her Facebook page.

Click on the Soundcloud link to hear this song and more from this fantastic singer.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

ReveLever – Play with the Fire: A Synthpop Minefield of Melodic Hooks

I’m fairly convinced that old school 80s analogue synths will never lose their mesmeric appeal. Even more so after hearing the latest single “Play with the Fire” from Netherlands-based artist ReveLever.

The striking synthesised notes create the perfect platform for the female vocals to sit neatly above as they exude hypnotic levels of magnetism. As usual, the lyrics have been left light. Yet they still efficaciously draw you deeper into the mix which is an aural minefield of melodic hooks.

Play with the Fire may not be the most innovative or bold soundscape. Instead, it’s a captivating revival of the 80s Synthwave sound. ReveLever has found the perfect balance between dark and light in Play with Fire. There may be some moody tones found in the mix, yet, there’s also sensual warmth and effervescent charm.

You can check out ReveLever’s single which was released on February 14th for yourselves via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Twink Privilege – Daddy: An Atmospheric Ode to 80s Darkwave Electronica

Even in 2020, heteronormative tracks dominate the airwaves. So, it’s incredibly refreshing to come across an artist such as the Alt Electronic Pop act Twink Privilege.

Their most recent release “Daddy” is an atmospheric ode to the 80s Darkwave sound with plenty of contemporary textures thrown in to give Daddy a potent serving of contemporary magnetism.

Once you’re immersed within the gentle melodic electronic rhythms, Daddy becomes a captivating almost transcendentally danceable soundscape. The lyrics give a nuanced nod to a relationship dynamic that we may not all share, but you can still feel the raw, unadulterated passion all the same.

With the stylishly smoky and smooth production, hypnotic vocals, and intricately mesmeric beats, Daddy stands as a testament to the talent of Twink Privilege which we hope to hear more of in 2020.

You can check out the official music video which premiered on February 5th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast