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Birmingham’s The Vista go back to their roots on the inspiring rock anthem, ‘Landscapes’

Knowing that those familiar hills will take them home again to that beautiful place that is somewhat comforting, The Vista sends us into a reflective spin with their latest single that might shake your spirit awake via the ‘Landscapes‘.

The Vista is a Birmingham, UK-based 4-piece indie-rock act who show us via their 4th single, that they are a band on a mission to reach the mountain top no matter what.

Hitting hard with similar vibes to their debut release, ‘Jump Into The River’, the return to true indie is a message of intent when it comes to where the band’s sound is headed. One of the first songs written by the band, the track creates strong imagery of the need to get back to familiarity in your home town and back to your loved ones when you’ve been away for too long.” ~ The Vista

With an enthused vibrancy and an extra edge that has you nodding your head at this fiery new track, The Vista shows us what underground rock sounds like in 2022 with a supreme performance of monumental proportions. The sound is clean and the energy high, as we are placed in a time where the home is needed again, to get away from a place that you don’t wish to be in anymore due to its surreal energy.

Landscapes‘ from Birmingham, UK-based 4-piece indie-rock band The Vista is a catchy single that has you thinking back to your own motherland and all its friendly smells and formerly acquainted roads. They perform with such wonderful electricity that shocks you back into place, as we are entertained by a ravenous crew who are only headed exactly where they want to go if they want it enough.

Sometimes you just need to turn back for a while, to truly go forward in life.

Listen up to this sterling new single on Spotify and check out their IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Done: Florida’s MASSIVESAD wonders if anyone else will love him with ‘Overrun’

Bringing us an extraordinarily introspective and significant soundscape to start off 2022 with music containing real substance, MASSIVESAD has sleepless nights worrying that he will not be loved properly again with ‘Overrun‘.

Florida, USA-based indie-pop artist MASSIVESAD is the kind of rare musician that you don’t come across too often in life. He makes an ever-evolving mix of constantly sumptuous creations that propels you into a different world than before and seems to only be getting better and better with each release.

Driving the story forward with a kick that makes your heart beat faster, and climaxing with an all-out dance vibe, this is a liberating experience that gives listeners the space to heal from past mistakes by acknowledging the hurt we all cause those we love.” ~ MASSIVESAD

After skillfully exploring the grey areas of mental health that are often never spoken about on ‘Make This Real’, this is the 4th single during this conceptual journey that has been an absolutely mesmerizing listen to wholeheartedly embrace.

This song primarily deals with the struggle to love others, when it is difficult to love ourselves … giving the listener an audible palate and potential template for what it feels like to wrestle with one’s own mental health while trying to connect and maintain meaningful relationships with others.” ~ MASSIVESAD

Overrun‘ from the special Florida-based indie-pop artist MASSIVESAD, is a simply mind-bending track from a quality artist who brings the world something so valuable that you could never put a price on. What is that you may ask? Music that actually matters and helps others.

This is a wonderful gift to start off 2022 that shows us the power of music – as it benefits so many all over the world as they open the curtains and find that ray of sunshine – when everything seems so gloomy and too much to handle at times.

Hear this translucent single that will hold you close like a ghost on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen