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The solo journey is here: L.A. Funeral drops new single to further celebrate independence on ‘Louder Than Alive’

L.A. Funeral is here with a new project and he rides solo on the fantastic second single from his debut twelve-track album ‘Antumbra‘ called ‘Louder Than Alive‘, that finds us listening to an underground legend who puts his whole heart and soul into this.

Bath, England-based producer, composer and multi-skilled Jamie Floyde has been heavily involved in the South West, UK music scene for well over a decade, fronting various bands and entrenching his name as one of the best around.

After covid-19 wiped out all of his planned gigs, becoming a solo artist became a natural journey and the results prove this was the correct decision to make.

With his smooth voice and electric guitar on full form, this is the story about finding that fire inside you and how she weaves webs across your soul and how you feel alive again. She has lit a fuse in your body and you feel like you are brighter, happier and don’t want this feeling to ever go away.

Louder Than Alive‘ is the statement indie-rock single from Bath’s L.A. Funeral¬†and he is in inspired form, with a song that shows his creative side, excellent guitarist skills and a voice that is gritty and raw with delight. Unshackled from band life, this is only the start of this new and exciting adventure that he has decided to embark on.

With a self-motivated attitude, realistic goals and plenty of heart, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Hear this top notch new single on his Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stop and smell the roses: Elijah Kusel reminds us to take a step back on ‘Flowers’

Solo indie-rock artist Elijah Kusel returns with his second single and this is a groovy affair that will have you thinking about taking a time out on ‘Flowers‘.

With the world in a flux and our heads spinning more than the planets alignment, its always good to take a moment to have a break and reflect for a moment. Enjoying what you have currently, even if you thought the year would be different, is so important. That is the message on this soulful R&B single that makes your back shiver as the beat is full of breathtaking bass-lines and vocals that put you in a peaceful mood.

His simple and relevant story drifts along and helps you take a step back, rather than a sprint forward like 2020’s stress filled race.

Flowers‘ from Elijah Kusel is the perfect message for this crazy year and his mellow voice is like sitting on a new chair recliner. The snap back and chill is exactly what the doctor ordered. The melodic soundscape flies up above and is a pleasure on the soul and his indie R&B fusion takes out the shadows to bring in some sunshine.

Head through to the Spotify page to hear this chilled tune and find out more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen