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King Kaye drops a groovy music video with ‘As The Sun Falls’

With his first release in nearly two years and bringing forth his first-ever music video that was directed by impressive student filmmaker at Five Towns College, Juliette Kealy, King Kaye shows us his emerging class on the visuals that will have you in an admire-filled gaze with, ‘As The Sun Falls‘.

Ben Krochmal aka King Kaye is a 22-year-old indie alternative psychedelic rock singer-songwriter who has made an impressive impact despite being fairly new on the scene.

All songs I create are completely done by me and engineered by me. Over quarantine, I got in contact with Grammy-winning engineers that trained me and honed in on my instrumental skills.” ~ King Kaye

Following on from his 6-track EP from 2020 called ‘Nothing but a Pipe Dream‘, King Kaye demonstrates his love for the human of his dreams, which takes you right into this incredibly warm world that is packed with romance.

As The Sun Falls‘ from the confident indie alternative singer-songwriter, King Kaye sends us into a reflective dream that might have you smiling softly in the mirror – as you imagine being with that special soul that lights up your spirit – and sets you free from any previous worries that have been lowering your hope like you are stuck in quicksand. His vocals are rather ear-tingling and with incredible visuals, this is a quality track that should get you into the mood to be with someone who you think is perhaps perfect for you.

See this top new creation on YouTube and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Florida Hip hop artist Golden Animal bets it all on his name on passionate new single, ‘Black Roses’

With his underdog psyche on full view as one of 9 in a family that is making up for a lost time after so much tragedy, Golden Animal displays his laser-focus flows that have you particularly impressed with what you see on the visuals for, ‘Black Roses‘.

Golden Animal is a 22-year-old Pompano Beach, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist and model who raps with a rugged edge as he feels like he has been blocked out from certain doors that he feels should be open for him.

Ambitious and unturned he found himself moving from school to school as he struggled in and out of juvenile detention.” ~ Golden Animal

As a former member of Sniper Gang who has since moved into his own realm as a self-signed artist, this is a hungry display from a man who sees where he needs to be and refuses to give up no matter who blocks his path. Golden Animal drops bars that smash through the jaws of all his haters who have tried to keep him from that level he feels is deserved, as we sit back and admire a rapper who hasn’t even found his prime yet.

Music for him is an outlet and form of expression where he can release the good days and the bad days on a track.” ~ Golden Animal

Black Roses‘ from Pompano Beach, Florida-based indie Hip hop rapper Golden Animal, shows us into a mind of an artist who has a matador-like mentality that refuses to be broken no matter what the drama of before sunk him into for a while. He has lived the tough life of doing things he would rather forget but these experiences have made him stronger as he now feels like the chips are slowly moving in his favour. Giving up has never been an option and you can feel the ferocious fire that has him breathing like a King-like dragon and is headed towards that higher echelon he knows is within his reach.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Let Me Drown: Peter Stone is ready to change his destructive ways with ‘Save Me’

With his debut EP that has just been dropped and is called ‘Unlabeled‘, Peter Stone shows us inside this personal invention with his first single from this new project that is all about hoping that someone kind is there to assist with the rescue on ‘Save Me‘.

Peter Stone is a determined 22-year-old Italy-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who performs with the liveliness of someone who has clearly lived and has seen the places where he doesn’t wish to visit ever again.

Peter’s music tends to be very personal and close to the artist and his feelings and “Save Me” in particular creates a dark ambience but not without shades of light in it.” ~ Peter Stone

Directing us deep inside his pain that threatened to throttle him into a tight chokehold he might not recover from, Peter Stone looks inside the mirror and decides at this precise moment that he doesn’t like what he sees. After a period of in-depth reflection, you feel that he is rising up but needs that special lifeguard to help him with this journey of shaking off that evil shadow he wants no part of.

Save Me‘ from the emerging Italy-based indie-pop solo artist Peter Stone, is a highly expressive single from an honest artist who knows that he needs to move away from what has been damaging him before. He sings with such a vividly descriptive style that seems to wrap a web all over you at first, as you join him in getting away from these undesirable restrictions and instead move towards the beaming brightness again.

Speaking up when you need help, is the smart way in starting the process of truly living freely again. The second part is really wanting to change, as you are the only one that can make this happen.

Feel the vibration of this emotionally-charged single on Soundcloud and see his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Something Tells Me You Don’t Want To Settle: Timmes brings us the ultimate love me not single with ‘Plastic Petals’

Encouraged by top calibre artists such as Joji, Frank Ocean, and Billie Eilish, Timmes shows the world his growing powers with the exceptional new single all about wondering if this is the end of a once flourishing courtship on ‘Plastic Petals‘.

Timmes is a 22-years old alternative RnB/trip-hop artist who is based in St Louis, Missouri. He makes the type of music that really takes your consciousness to a whole new level, as his comforting voice takes you away from those dull normal days.

Just finding my sound.” ~ Timmes

Timmes is quite scintillating throughout on ‘Plastic Petals‘ as this memoir about trying to make things work takes you into a rainy road, where the goodbye-forever is just around the corner if you both want it to be. With a perfectly projected production and lyrics that grab you so close, this is a premium effort made with a tearful ambience.

Plastic Petals‘ from the soulful St Louis, Missouri-based alt-RnB/trip-hop solo artist Timmes, is that sad kind of song that has you reminiscing about that time you knew things were over in a past relationship. Sung with a superb vocal output that shakes the hairs on your arms awake, this is a special single made with so much honest introspection that is quite dazzling at times.

Hear this new single on YouTube and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Piece Of Me: Australian RnB artist Caylene knows that she was more than good enough on ‘Late Calls’

As she thinks back to that sweet time that they first met and things were so much simpler, Caylene wishes that they had just stayed friends and not become evening lovers on her sizzling new single all about those ‘Late Calls‘.

Caylene aka Caylene Gutierrez is a 22-year old Sydney, Australia-based RnB singer-songwriter who makes such an exceptional blend of emotionally arousing music for our hidden senses to truly swim deeply into.

Caylene’s lyrics in “Late Calls” draws inspiration from real-life experiences that involve heartbreak and pain. Caylene expresses within the song, a situation with someone that is only with her for the physical parts of their relationship, while she is fixated on being with them emotionally as well, craving something more serious.” ~ Caylene

Caylene’s scintillating vocals are so lusciously braided within the seduced speakers right next to you, as you feel your heart beating so much faster than before. This is a true storyteller at her best – slowly opening up the curtains into this romantic moment – as she thought twice about answering the phone but did anyway. The lip-biting desires took over automatically and she yearned for that spark-filled intense skin touch, no matter what the consequences were the next morning.

Late Calls‘ from the excellent 22-year old Sydney, Australia-based RnB solo artist Caylene, shows us a mature woman who realizes now that the playful passion took over and she regrets that moment it all changed. She understands that there is no time machine and nothing can go back to normal – as she wonders if her former lover actually did care for her after all – or just wanted to ravenously engage with just her perfectly sculptured body, and not think about her precious soul in the slightest.

Hear this uplifting gem from a true future star on Spotify and see her journey upwards on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen