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London’s ‘Up In The Air’ is the perfect antidote to Covid-Brexit winter blues

‘Up In The Air’ by newcomer London is the perfect antidote to the current wind, rain, Brexit, and Covid-19 doleful torpor gripping the UK, a summery, upbeat, dance-y mix of R&B-inspired hip-hop and mellow, groove-filled soul. There’s a rich, deep and uplifting ascending bassline, a deliciously soulful female backing harmony part, and London’s soft, Smokey Robinson/Marvin Gaye style tuneful vocal, all lilting smoky East Coast DC vibes and summer sunshine.

‘Up in The Air’ is London’s third single, following up ‘Y.D.L.M. (You Don’t Love Me)’ and ‘5 Questions’, and it’s clear that there’s some growth going on here; all that bodes very, very well for London’s future.

Check out ‘Up In The Air’ on Apple Music and Spotify, and follow London on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

OG STEPPER delivers unconventionally fiery freestyle Rap with ‘Gifted’

With their unconventional production style, domineering presence and playful vibe, up and coming Rap artist, OG STEPPER, created an unforgettable hit with their 2020 single ‘Gifted’.

The spacey ambient beats create a mesmeric platform for OG STEPPER’s fiery freestyle bars to run in synergy with through the loose yet lucid structure. Gifted may not be every Hip Hop fans cup of tea, but anyone looking for feisty Rap tracks to get adrenalized by will find plenty of infectious energy in Gifted.

You can check out Gifted for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Swerving cars to get there in time: Gray raps his way into the hot lane on ‘Last Call’

Gray is a Washington D.C born multi-skilled singer-songwriter, author, producer, and actor who is now based in the entertainment mecca of Los Angeles. He jumps into our minds real quick on the enthralling new single ‘Last Call’.

A lover of the classic Motown music and style, this is an old soul who loves to perform live and give the crowd a night to remember.

The mysterious beginning is brief and grabs your attention closely as the telephone call filters into the speaker and then is finished. The smooth rap lyrical delivery is tight like a speedy UPS driver. There is no messing around here, getting it done is all that matters.

There is no second thoughts here, nothing involving lame indecisiveness and wishy-washy car wash nonsense. This is when you jump in the car to go see her and a speeding ticket is probably on the way but that’s okay. It will be worth it. You shouldn’t be with her but it’s way too good to care or catch feelings at this present time.

His stylish demeanor is easy to spot and the beat matches this self-motivated entertainer who has evolved, made his own lane and is speeding right through it hot. The raps are consistent and so catchy the chorus will be stuck in your brain all week. This is a sign of a top Hip Hop track that isn’t mumble and wack. This is a big boy and big girl music.

Hear this fast-paced single via Spotify and follow his journey on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

KJ Legend has dropped his fight song ‘Samurai’

‘Samurai’ is the subversively cultural latest single to be released by KJ Legend, a Hip Hop artist intent on leaving an authentic mark on the airwaves with their uniquely conceptual sound.

Eastern Asian rhythms transfixingly meld with the solid hits of the 808s which obliterate the monocultural Hip Hop mould which many artists constrain themselves with. The playful and cultural twist on the aggressive lyrics discernibly illustrates KJ Legend’s potential as an artist. With every hit of Samurai, the mindfulness starts to hit harder, it’s a track which keeps on giving.

You can check out Samurai for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Feeling fresh and ready: Amazayus is in the zone on ‘Austin Powers’ (Prod. Paryo)

Dallas, Texas artist Amazayus is back with his signature Alt-Rap style on his latest smooth single called ‘Austin Powers’ (Prod. Paryo).

The atmospheric air filters in fresh like a new humidifier that cleans the dust off the speakers and we are thrown into the story of a hungry man who wants to reach the top of his chosen career. His flow morphs quickly into reminding you of the new school feel of artists that can sing and rap at the same time.

The beat flourishes through like a shiny sports car and you can’t stop tapping your feet and wondering how this all sounds live at a massive festival. The driving energy is relentless and the vocals keeps you hooked like a hungry fisherman the whole way through this stylish journey.

This is about feeling in the zone and like the legendary ladies man with the proper English accent. You feel like you can speak to anyone and do anything you set your mind to. People you used to look up to are checking out your moves and right now you have the backing of the tight crew who have your back no matter what.

Austin Powers’ (Prod. Paryo) from Texas rapper Amazayus is a track to put on loud while you are cruising with that 420 blaze swag. This is the transporter-type feel when you imagine yourself in the 70’s and how those times must have been much simpler. This is a spark-filled track with lots to like and this is a trip that will motivate you to go for your goals and dress super fly while you dominate too.

Hear this via Spotify and find out more about this fast-rising artist via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The time is now: ‘Ready to Go’ is young rapper Jackson Ace’s statement of intent

New rapper Jackson Ace throws out the school books and turns his attention to that real paper on debut demo Hip Hop track ‘Ready to Go’. After deciding to leave school for a full time music career, failure is not an option.

He raps fire throughout and you can feel his passion and desire that is clear via the fiery lyrical delivery and breathtaking bars. The start catches your attention as the classic sample brings you back to that classic Hip Hop. His style is raw and edgy as he finds his style and vocal output through experience. This is that new school rap music that has elements of the legends before him as this mixes these fusions into a welcome fresh sound.

This is the story of being ready for anything that creeps into the door as you are ready with a barrage of rhymes and stories to be that true storyteller that everyone looks up to. It will be fascinating to see how he evolves and what kind of musician he ultimately wants to be. He could either got the new school route of be that young emcee that adds in that classic feel, with his own twist of course. It’s all about being original after all.

Ready to Go’ by  Jackson Ace is the royal flush demo to build from and this is the step up to gain traction in this often fickle genre, that can make you feeling fresh and relevant one day and then washed out the next day. If she can stay focused and work out the end goals, he will be ready for anything.

Hear the new demo track on YouTube & Spotify and see how his music career goes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Silky and hot beats combined with pain: Ohio’s fiercely indie emcee SilkyFway drops ‘Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION)

Multi-talented Columbus, Ohio creative SilkyFway is a self-motivated certified audio engineer, graphic designer and emcee who is back with the Hip-Hop rolled ‘Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION).

This is a man who decided to pick up the mic after a few of his childhood friends decided to opt out of music. He was the producer at the time but felt compelled to try out the other side of the studio. The bug bit like a hungry mosquito having a Thanksgiving feast and the rest as they say, is history.

The atmospheric start has an earthy feel to it and your hungry ears are soon pricked up to immerse this whole experience into the deepest part of your soul. His lyrical ability and ferociously clear smokey vocals blaze through to the speakers as we are sparked up to full breath.

Real feelings of love don’t fade ever and this is the story of that numb stage you feel when something happens with you and your special human. Things were strong but love faded and now you spend your time trying to mask the pain with the earth’s medicine. You will move on but right now you need time to heal up inside and this is the cloudy path that blankets you at the moment.

Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION) is the tale of how love can twist you up into knots for a while from Ohio’s multi-skilled SilkyFway. He lights up a story that shows us that no matter how strong you are inside, sometimes you need time to heal up and replenish your heart in your own way.

Check out the YouTube video and see the fast-rising journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jozondi waxes lyrical to stylistically ensnaring beats with ‘Broken Halos’

From the new album ‘Boy In The Iceberg’, Jozondi’s new track ‘Broken Halos’ is a chilled, mellow trappy little hip hop number led by a beautiful repeating sampled guitar line and gated handclaps and snare patterns all sitting beneath Jozondi’s laid back vocal.

Ladled with T-Pain-style autotune, Jozondi’s vocal drips with West Coast style and easygoing, unhurried lyrical flow, the cleanly balanced in-and-out style sitting snugly atop the backing track, sing-song and poetic over the rolling bass and guitar.

You can hear Jozondi’s ‘Boy In The Iceberg’ album, and ‘Broken Halos’, on Spotify. Follow Jozondi on Instagram and Twitter.

Review by Alex Holmes

Masking up to avoid feelings: Boss lady Jackie Hollywood is at her vibrant best on ‘Catch Flights’

The multi-talented Bay Area rapper/poet and thriving radio/TV personality Jackie Hollywood is back with her uniquely entertaining style that catches your attention quickly on the latest Hip Hop-Pop single ‘Catch Flights’.

Her lyrical arsenal is stocked full of catchy rhymes, the enthusiasm makes you smile and this young lady can rap with the best around. She doesn’t take herself too seriously which is so refreshing in a genre that is often filled with flash in the pans who have fake rhymes. You get the feeling here that she puts her heart and soul into every line she drops.

With beats that uplift you quickly and meshes so well with her flavor-filled vocals, this is a song to turn up loud and leave alone. This is a talented and smart woman on a mission to do what she needs to do in order to be successful in life.

Not one to stay too comfortable for any length of time, you get the impression that she is doing what she loves and wants to challenge herself to learn new skills all the time. Staying relevant and fresh in this weird world is the key to opening many doors, that otherwise remain bolted shut unless you know somebody. Ultimately though, you want to be there because of your dope skills.

The San Francisco native and fashion icon boss lady Jackie Hollywood is fiery and fascinating on ‘Catch Flights’. This is the story about not catching feelings and staying true to yourself and your goals. Travelling around and seeing friends is the way forward for this exhilarating talent who has shown that she can do it all. Putting your mind to doing something you have wanted to do and actually doing it, is the best way to live and grow. Being careful about who you fall in love with is so vital too as you can’t afford to have anyone to take you off that flight of life.

Support Jackie via her Spotify, YouTube and see her ever-evolving journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

4N Really Feels Like The Man Right Now

The mathematician Andy Hildebrand might have made his name designing an algorithm to help Exxon find oil drilling sites, but his greatest gift to the twenty-first century has to be Antares and the delivery of Auto Tune. Sure, it might have originally been designed as an aid to correcting ‘bad pitch’ and make vocals more expressive, but – like most music and production technology – artists soon realised the potential for its use as an artistic effect in its own right; through Lil Wayne and Kanye West to the master exponent extraordinaire – the ‘T-Pain effect’ – Auto Tune is to hip hop what the overdriven Marshall is to rock n’ roll.

Here, on ‘I Feel Like The Man’, Ligor Stepanov – a.k.a. 4N – takes that sound – added to a dash of beautifully applied slapback vocal echo – to a slamming, trappy hip hop statement of intent. Thunderous gated bass, cracky, snappy hi hats, snare rimshots, and handclaps sit in a deep, driving backing track behind Ligor’s freestyled rhymes, alternately poetic and melodic and rapidfire and fractious.

“The whole world’s gonna hear my sound” snaps 4N on ‘I Feel Like The Man’; on the basis of this, he’s probably absolutely right.

Check out ‘I Feel Like The Man’ on Spotify; follow 4N on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes