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Having a laugh to forget the pain: Minnesota musician Ethan Ness reflects on wild ride with ‘Moodswing’

Ethan Ness takes us on a riveting ride via his new indie-rock single ‘Moodswing’. With the ominous laugh in the background and edgy guitar strums to wake us up from our 2020 slumber, this is a song that helps us have a chuckle and vibe to good music at the same time. Taken off the brand new full album ‘IIX’, this is a track all about trying to get out of your funk that you just can’t seem to shake off like Taylor Swift.

This is the story of waking up way too early and you just can’t seem to sleep or wake up either. You are caught up the middle of the vast vortex of life. His voice is so smooth throughout and the tone is tremendous, you feel like his a likable musician with the extra bit of class that is so often lacking.

With a great sense of humor and lots of name dropping such as The Rock, you hold on during this roller-coaster ride and enjoy each second. Music like this is so rare these days as the same formula gets dragged around again and again. This is a fresh new style that makes you think about all those times you laughed in the face of having a day to forget.

Life can be crazy and your mood can different from moment to moment as 2020 throws us so many curve balls we all start to feel dizzy sometimes. Minnesota, USA singer-songwriter Ethan Ness brings us some quality music and comedy all combined on his ‘Moodwing’. This is an accurate description of the year and how you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, or be too hard on yourself either.

Improve your current mood on Spotify and follow Ethan’s adventurous journey via his IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The story of absolute despondence: ‘Sorry for Me’ by Tom Ivory is the tale of going under due to heartbreak

The song starts right away with a bang, and there is no break the whole way through. The sad story of a broken soul is described through the lens of a new school Rap artist, who keeps it real the whole way through. The love has been lost and the barreling wave of getting sucked under the foamy water, is proving too much at the moment. 21 year old Candian Rapper/Producer Tom Ivory is so honest on ‘Sorry for Me‘, and this is a worrying story of how love can crush your heart into smithereens.

The fragmented splintered soul is so fractured like a broken arm, the pain is there right in front of you and won’t go away. This is the story about how this artist is taking too many pills to mask the hurt underneath. The actual pain is actually only growing day by day, and by hiding away in the dark corner questioning everything you did, the hurt is only manifesting deep into the body and mind.

His words are so honesty portrayed and he raps with such skill, the fury of being let down is so paramount to the listener. The open wounds are far from being healed, and the beat stings the tail like a jellyfish at your leg, the blood thickens and you feel like you are going to pass out all the time.

With a wild imagination and a downward cycle of self-distraction, the tale of how love can cut you up so deep, it hurts like nothing else you have ever felt. Vancouver local Tom Ivory is quite breathless on the exuberantly produced ‘Sorry for Me‘, the warning for all that fall too hard, and can’t get up. The support of real friends and kind strangers, is the only way to step up into reality again.

Hear this intense song on his Spotify and find him in Social Media via Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen