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Showing your love for her: Troy drops fire Hip Hop rider ‘Bonnie and Clyde’

Young rapper Troy slides in the door with a tremendous track made for his girl crush, on the just-released Hip Hop flavored song named ‘Bonnie and Clyde‘.

Fall River, Massachusetts emcee Troy brings his fiery rap style and with production by Ross Gossage, this is a new school rap track that is all about being with someone that heats up your room each time you see her. You have an up and down relationship, but when then the lights go off, the sparks fly hot like a welder’s construction site. A new air conditioner is needed when you press play here.

His flow is vibrant and his busty bars knock down the competition with a freestyle type of rapping technique that reminds you of the old school days. This was when actual lyricism mattered and hopefully this spells a return to these days. Mumbling does nothing to add value to the genre and if fact, waters the whole culture down.

Troy is raw and uncompromising on ‘Bonnie and Clyde‘ and is totally forthright with his intentions. When you like someone, the best way to is to hold them close but also give them time to breath otherwise things can get claustrophobic, which leads to disagreements over small things.

With a fire rap style, this is a new Hip Hop artist that shows loads of potential and ushers in a new era to those tired of bad music. When you are looking for your ride or die, having a passionate moment or two together certainly helps when you want to make it big in the music game.

Heat up those speakers with a hot Hip Hop track on Soundcloud and check out his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Paris — Kavkaz full album review: ГИБКИЙ ЧАПЛИНЪ (Gibkiy Chaplin) returns with the incredible Indie-Blues-Jazz masterpiece

The Ukraine artist ГИБКИЙ ЧАПЛИНЪ (Gibkiy Chaplin) is back with a 20 track album that you can’t help but be intrigued by on Paris — Kavkaz.

The music textures are so mysterious and meaningful, the skill on the guitar to create this music is truly unbelievable. His deep voice is so alluring and is magnified on the lead single Kavkaz (Official video). The ability to tell a story is so majestic and the Jazzy Blues feel is so cinematic as it intertwines with your tired soul.

Other highlights are definitely ‘gellhorn‘ with the track taking things up a notch and this emotion filtering out onto the speakers to our absolute delight. ‘komnata uh da uh’ is another quality track and the bluesy beat gets your head moving and feet tapping with the ominous tone and atmospheric energy.

Paris — Kavkaz is the excellent full album from Ukrainian artist ГИБКИЙ ЧАПЛИНЪ (Gibkiy Chaplin) is one of those underground gems that deserves its due listen. Even if you don’t understand the language, you can appreciate the fantastic music that fills your heart with a sound that reminds you of a movie. There are a few songs that have English too so this can be enjoyed by the whole family. This is that truly deep music that is moving and transcends genres as its in its own class.

Click here for the full album link on Spotify and see their journey on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That delicious treat for our ears: Portland’s Soft Cheese are scrumptiously excellent on ‘Raspberries’

Portland’s grunge-rocker trio Soft Cheese urge us to lick our thirsty lips on their lead single-‘Raspberries‘-that is taken off their much-awaited 25th December self-tilted LP release.

”Connecting the dots between the heaviness of 90’s-inspired grunge and the fog of shoegaze.”- Soft Cheese

The edgy start is such a breath of fresh air from hearing mask-like music lately. The freshly picked juicy sounds are a pleasure on our timid ears and this is something that jumps your heart like a car battery sparking up after a coma-induced rest away from the world.

Gosh, I love the soothing vocals and he steams the windows as the busty bass-line makes you blush in excitement as the deft drums dazzle the airwaves; to mesh together a marvelously created mixture that doesn’t need any further tonic. The temperature is so right here and this daze-filled atmosphere makes you have deja-vu for a short moment, remembering when this type of music was so common. If this is the rebirth, then we will need a nurse to hold our hand tight as this is a happy journey that hugs the speakers just right.

This is a trio that has more charm in their pinkie fingers that most of us have in their whole bodies. You can tell by their social media that they don’t take themselves too seriously and have so much fun together. They do have big goals however, and being on the right label for them is up the list. I hope they stay indie however and have 100% creative influence always, or work with a team that totally gets it.

There is something classy about this grunge-rock act as they impress the soul on ‘Raspberries‘. Sometimes people don’t get your journey and its lost on them as they selfishly carry on with their lives. At the end of it all, Soft Cheese are here to hopefully stick around for a while and take charge of their own destiny and play in front of thousands of screaming fans, singing every song as if it was their last. Then, they will be the ones blowing raspberries at all the ones that didn’t believe in them.

Stream this awesome band via their Soundcloud and also see their vibe on FB and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The journey of love: Los Angeles, California based singer-songwriter Joe Romersa guides us all on ‘Where We Go From Here’

The legendary LA drummer, singer- songwriter, producer, voice actor and composer extraordinaire Joe Romersa is back with a modern story of the hearts fulfillment, on his latest single called ‘Where We Go From Here’.

This is a man whose work was featured in the 1992 Grammy award-winning ‘The Missing Years‘ album by the late great country-folk singer-songwriter John Prine, and his career has been one that exemplifies the rugged journey of a true musician that never gave up. There have been lots of ups and a few downs, good gigs and bad gigs but he is a person who has never given up. His passion for his art form and learning new skills is obvious.

There is so much to appreciate about this terrific track and the start tells us everything we need to know straight away like a bullet pass for a touchdown. The years of experience and care to play the guitar at a level that most of us only dream of is tremendous. There is a touch of blues, country and rock here and you feel all giddy waiting for his vocals to illuminate through into your headphones.

His gritty voice that is full of incredible stories of life and travel is opened up to us like a creaking door. This is the story of being with that special person in your life as you reminisce about being so happy- they fall asleep in your arms- and you can’t believe this is real. You feel like you two can do anything you want together and nothing has ever felt so right before. After a long search, they found you and you click like a light switch and everything is shining bright with your world again.

Love is on his mind and why not. This is that kind of feeling that you didn’t know really existed for you but has come into your life to make your smile beam wide as can be. ‘Where We Go From Here’ by the renowned and respected Joe Romersa is a guiding light of hope, in an often dark and morbid world. Knowing where to go next is the journey now but it is a question he can share with his partner, and that is all that matters.

Hear this hand-crafted gem via Joe’s Spotify and see where he goes next on FB & IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Adventures in Sydney: Really Nice bless our hearts with well-made lyric video for ‘Been a Long Time’

The 80’s type waveform of silky sound treats from Really Nice filters in rather quickly and the lyric video ‘Been a Long Time’ gives you those happy chills inside your whole body. This wonderful creation is reminder to the good old days of when life was simple and we had cassette tapes to slide into our VCR’s. A message of hope and a positive outlook is airlifted to us and the results are so satisfying.

This is the back to the future type of vibe that blows in like a lost leaf from outside in the garden. Simple times indeed. These are happy memories.

This indie-pop electronic feel is so pleasurable and the lyric video is so well-done to make you sing along as intended. This is a message of hope among darkness with the Sydney act leading the way as their country removes the shackles and breaks free- cautiously- back to a kind of normal world again.

The Australian band feature a massive lizard, birds and a few dogs along with sultry vocals that blends into your soul like a fresh pair of shoes. This is all about getting that sign and just going for it as you know that this is your time to soar in life, and not be held back on a leash any longer. You take a deep breath and marvel at the simple and effective message here which is a needed one at that too.

With so much bad news around, this is a positive message from Really Nice believe in yourself and do what makes you happy. It’s ‘Been a Long Time’ but to dream and jump up to reach your goals; is the only way to grow and be who you want to be.

Stream their new track via YouTube and see more music adventures on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Having a laugh to forget the pain: Minnesota musician Ethan Ness reflects on wild ride with ‘Moodswing’

Ethan Ness takes us on a riveting ride via his new indie-rock single ‘Moodswing’. With the ominous laugh in the background and edgy guitar strums to wake us up from our 2020 slumber, this is a song that helps us have a chuckle and vibe to good music at the same time. Taken off the brand new full album ‘IIX’, this is a track all about trying to get out of your funk that you just can’t seem to shake off like Taylor Swift.

This is the story of waking up way too early and you just can’t seem to sleep or wake up either. You are caught up the middle of the vast vortex of life. His voice is so smooth throughout and the tone is tremendous, you feel like his a likable musician with the extra bit of class that is so often lacking.

With a great sense of humor and lots of name dropping such as The Rock, you hold on during this roller-coaster ride and enjoy each second. Music like this is so rare these days as the same formula gets dragged around again and again. This is a fresh new style that makes you think about all those times you laughed in the face of having a day to forget.

Life can be crazy and your mood can different from moment to moment as 2020 throws us so many curve balls we all start to feel dizzy sometimes. Minnesota, USA singer-songwriter Ethan Ness brings us some quality music and comedy all combined on his ‘Moodwing’. This is an accurate description of the year and how you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, or be too hard on yourself either.

Improve your current mood on Spotify and follow Ethan’s adventurous journey via his IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The story of absolute despondence: ‘Sorry for Me’ by Tom Ivory is the tale of going under due to heartbreak

The song starts right away with a bang, and there is no break the whole way through. The sad story of a broken soul is described through the lens of a new school Rap artist, who keeps it real the whole way through. The love has been lost and the barreling wave of getting sucked under the foamy water, is proving too much at the moment. 21 year old Candian Rapper/Producer Tom Ivory is so honest on ‘Sorry for Me‘, and this is a worrying story of how love can crush your heart into smithereens.

The fragmented splintered soul is so fractured like a broken arm, the pain is there right in front of you and won’t go away. This is the story about how this artist is taking too many pills to mask the hurt underneath. The actual pain is actually only growing day by day, and by hiding away in the dark corner questioning everything you did, the hurt is only manifesting deep into the body and mind.

His words are so honesty portrayed and he raps with such skill, the fury of being let down is so paramount to the listener. The open wounds are far from being healed, and the beat stings the tail like a jellyfish at your leg, the blood thickens and you feel like you are going to pass out all the time.

With a wild imagination and a downward cycle of self-distraction, the tale of how love can cut you up so deep, it hurts like nothing else you have ever felt. Vancouver local Tom Ivory is quite breathless on the exuberantly produced ‘Sorry for Me‘, the warning for all that fall too hard, and can’t get up. The support of real friends and kind strangers, is the only way to step up into reality again.

Hear this intense song on his Spotify and find him in Social Media via Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen