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A happy blend of awesome noise: Flight of Fancy urge us to remain close on ‘Hey Man’

Flight of Fancy bring that classic sound-that was playing hide and go seek- back on their rip-roaring indie-rock single that will have you singing along heartily called ‘Hey Man‘.

With a stomping mesh of strong lyrics, stomping drums, excellent electric guitar solos and edgy vocals, this is a gem in the rough that needs to be crowned. The fun style is magnified with a story about how some people want to hide away but you won’t let them. The friendship is there for life and we can all win if we pool our resources together.

”If you like Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, RHCP, and similar bands, Flight of Fancy is for you”.- Flight of Fancy

Released from the aptly-named Rat Poison Records, ‘Hey Man‘ is the type of song that all your 90’s-head friends can truly get behind. There are no big egos here, only a sound that brings you back to the days when rock music was dominating the world and mosh pits were in full abundance.

They bring the heart and soul into full picture and you don’t want to crop anything on this fantastic track. Rock will never die and a song like this, certainly helps to fill our ears with something worthwhile to snack on.

Sung with so much heart and soul, it’s hard to dislike Flight of Fancy on their debut LP that features ‘Hey Man‘. They bring us an indie-rock power track that might nibble on all the electricity in the area when they play live again but that’s okay. Bringing those you care about closer to you during this horrible year, is all that matters.

Stream this high-flying track on Spotify and see more about the band on their social media via IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The humble and real love: Newby & the Kid show their true feelings on the soulfully sweet debut single ‘Gimme Gimme’

With the background sounds of everyday life that starts us off here as your ears open so intently. Newby & the Kid are here to warm up our dreams of love on ‘Gimme Gimme’.

Suddenly the gush of gloriously toned vocals blusters out among the leaves outside to leave your heart beating so much faster. The voice is strong but tender at the same time; full of meaning and hope that this is the one and the search to find that deep connection is over for now.

The lack of fake swag here is so refreshing and adds a blessing to a day that is but young. He shows us that you don’t have to be flash and cocky to get what you want. Sometimes the good guys do win after all.

‘’Jump on the keys and the strings.’’- Newby & the Kid

With a fantastic beat that is soon kicked up a notch to a R&B-Lofi style that is so sensual and real. This is that weekend music to put on while you are holding hands and looking deep inside each other’s eyes. It’s all about letting it flow and keeping it real, while taking your time and learning about each other. This is the opposite of the Tinder based quick lust world that is ruining love right in front of our eyes. The old school feel and tender energies make the day so happy as you thoughtfully gaze around and wonder if this could be what life is supposed to be like.

Gimme Gimme’ from Newby & the Kid is such a freshly squeezed track that will have you feeling healthy inside again. With a smooth humble feel that makes your soul feel fulfilled this, is the song to show them how much you care. Being honest and caring are two qualities that can never be faked.

Give your ears a treat on Spotify and see their vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Comics and music combine: Underground NYC emcee Massive Jugganott elevates his mystique on ‘Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq)

Massive Jugganott is a New York emcee with a big point to prove on ‘Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq). He smashes the dusty door down to make wack rappers retire and shows us what the proud genre of Hip Hop should sound like. He is from a place that either makes or breaks you and delivers a track that is exactly what 2020 needed.

He wants to be an artist that is heard and respected. This is a man who has a gigantic love of comics and music; these two worlds combine in a smash-fest that is hard to ignore.

With a classic Frankie Blue Eyes sample to set the stage up for what is about to occur next; we grab our piping hot popcorn and sit down to listen to big boy Hip Hop. This is that old school sound that feels a bit lost sometimes with all the cheesy flavored weak rhymes that have somehow infested the minds of the youth. He references the legend Eric B and your attention is even closer to the speakers as the booming beat gets you in that New York state of mind.

The difference between Massive Jugganott and other rappers is that he respects where you are from. He isn’t interested in petty beef and is beyond what most musicians in his neighborhood think about. Making that top shelf music is what he is about and this is a huge statement of intent for a young emcee that is just starting his music journey. He respects the trailblazers before him and the art-form that was intended to unite the community, not destroy it.

Only in NY’ (ft. Melodiq) is one of seven debut tracks to enjoy and remember that true New York Hip Hop sound. Let’s all hope he can find Eric B.

Heat up your day on Soundcloud and see more from Massive Jugganott on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling that spark again: ‘Misery’ from Kozy is a fire debut from the young Hip Hop artist

Dropping your debut track is a stressful experience but new indie-rapper Kozy makes it looks easy on the exuberantly performed ‘Misery’. The youthful beat sweeps into your living room with reckless abandon, making your body sway back and forth.

His fast delivery puts Uber Eats to shame as he dynamically drives in with a new school rap style that is a pleasurable listen. This is about having a huge crush on that girl that is so mysterious and cute that you can’t take your eyes off her. The fascinating tattoos draw you in even deeper and you can’t stop thinking about her, your body shivers when you are together and your heart is in a happy place.

He knows that she is perhaps not the long-term girl that is good for him, but for now and especially after a miserable year; this is exactly what is needed to replenish that desire to be with someone exciting again.

The beat is busty and consistent on this new single. It matches the goals of the young artist with a flow that is quality and keeps you in the story the whole way though. There are no cheap gimmicks here and the structure is a spectacular result.

Misery’ from Kozy is a new entry that we need to respect and following his journey will be a wild ride. Finding that special soul is not easy and meeting others that can teach you things until you are ready, is what 2020 is all about.

Hear this fire Hip Hop track on his Spotify and find out more about Kozy on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen