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Le-Lilia Interview: Sensational Staffordshire underground gem shines on Lucii

With her classy vocals and genuine nature bursting with pure joy, we were fortunate to have a quick chat with the excellent 20-year-old Staffordshire singer-songwriter Le-Lilia. She leads us deep into her self-aware mentality and answers with purpose in this insightful interview.

Thank you for taking the time to speak to us today, Le-Lilia. Please guide us into a normal day for you and what keeps you busy?

Le-Lilia: My day starts with rehearsing new songs for my gigs and upcoming releases. I love to take time out of my day to sit and song-write as well as keeping up to date with my social media and interacting with people and my supporters. I also work part time as a sales representative.

You represent Staffordshire. Are you still based there or do you only visit family there?

Le-Lilia: Yes, I live in Burntwood, Staffordshire. This is where I do a lot of my performing.

You’re in charge of the entire UK music business for 24 hours only. What would you change and why?

Le-Lilia: I would like to see more opportunities for new and upcoming artists as it’s hard to get noticed and heard in this business. I would also love to see more festivals aimed at new artists so that they can showcase their talents.

Please tell us more about Lucii. What does this song mean to you and please let us know about your connection with Best Of London Music?

Le-Lilia: Lucii is all about a young girl who wants to be older before her time. This song means a lot to me as it’s my first release with (Bolm) Bestoflondon Music, I am so excited to be a part of this music company who gave me this opportunity when I signed to them at the end of August this year.

When you close your eyes and imagine being on stage, what does it feel like and may you kindly detail all the emotions?

Le-Lilia: I have been dreaming about being a singer since I was very young. It is my passion, therefore, if I was to perform on stage it would be very emotional as I have worked so hard for so many years to make this dream a reality.

If you could open for any artist in the world, who would it be?

Le-Lilia: Growing up, I was inspired by Adele and listening to her music encouraged me to start writing my own songs. Another great artist that I admire is James Arthur. I would love to be able to open for him because I am a huge fan of his music along with Lewis Capaldi. I love the stage presence and charisma of these artists and it would be a dream come true to perform alongside them.

Last of all, where can we find you live next or do you have any exciting projects lined up for 2023?

Le-Lilia: I’m really excited for 2023. I have many new songs that I will be looking to release. I will be continuing my local gigs as well as hopefully having the opportunity to perform at festivals and more nationwide performances.

Hear this fine song on Spotify. See more vibes on her IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Back At Home: Jamie Kudo awaits that special moment again on debut Supernova

Knowing that their love will be strong forever despite the distance, Jamie Kudo shows us an indisputably quality release via his debut single to take your heart for a flight on Supernova.

Jamie Kudo aka Sid aka Siddharth Bhambure is a 20-year-old London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes those emotional songs from his bedroom.

This track is like the first sip of whiskey that you drink taking off on a plane headed to a place you don’t know for two, maybe
three or four years, looking out and watching your city get smaller in the distance.” ~ Jamie Kudo

Showing so much potential that is brimmed with a real vocal brilliance, Jamie Kudo reaches up to the sky and would climb up mountains for this special human who he treasures so warmly. With intricate lyrics that grab your attention rather swiftly, this is a delightful song to play loud when you need some reassurance that all will be okay when you’re finally together.

Supernova from the Mumbai, India-born, London, UK-based pop artist Jamie Kudo is a rather wonderful song that will have you thinking so deeply about missing someone special so much. Craving that genuine connection, tender touch and showing what it takes to be love sometimes, this is a stunning experience that will take you for a real ride and help you see so much clearer.

Sung with a magnetic appeal, this is a hugely promising debut that shall open your mind up to long-lasting possibilities.

Hear this deep song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sunshine Coast RnB artist Oscar Hope wants that romantic trip with his sweet lover on debut track ‘Paris’

With nostalgically-pleasurable vibes that sends you into a lustful mood that has you thinking of the perfect place to kiss your lover, Oscar Hope has us smiling genuinely with his first single that is all about wanting that getaway which shall never be forgotten with ‘Paris‘.

Oscar Hope is a 20-year-old Sunshine Coast, Australia-based indie RnB solo singer-songwriter who has had a thrilling start to his career.

Started making music at 12 years old after watching the trailer for ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and has ever since been growing and developing his sound into something different and personal, connecting to listeners with ease.” ~ Oscar Hope

As one of the most promising RnB artists in the world right now, Oscar Hope is absolutely dazzling on this vocally-excellent single that will surely put you in a dreamy hand-holding mood that you will feel so enraptured by. This is what class personified sounds like, with a sizzling soundtrack that will cause many candles to be lit.

Paris‘ from Sunshine Coast, Australia-based indie RnB artist Oscar Hope, is one of those rare tracks that are simply excellent and gets you in the mood to save your hard-earned money so that you may take a trip that could possibly change everything. With that paradise in his eyes as he imagines kissing his lover in front of some of the best views in the world, this is a late-night track to play when you are slow-dancing with that soul who makes you blush when you are sleeping.

Listen in to this love-filled single on Spotify and see more of his move on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian pop artist Stilla looks for the vital escape on her hot new single, ‘Won’t Work Out’

Following on from her previous single ‘About You Now‘ (feat. Cam Noble) from October, Stilla returns with a story all about knowing that the toxic energies you are feeling need to be washed away in the bath forever even if you still crave for their love on ‘Won’t Work Out’.

Stilla is a 20-year-old Melbourne, Australia-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who is growing quickly with her loveable blend of romance-filled adventures.

You feel the tenderness in this highly promising young woman’s voice as Stilla lets us into her confused mindset into this frighteningly familiar tale of being with someone who only cares about what they see in the mirror. With a selfish lover lurking within her sheets only when they want to steal that preciously innocent glow, there is only one thing to do and she knows that it’s time to lock her heart away for a while until a genuine soul reveals itself.

Won’t Work Out‘ from Melbourne, Australia-based indie-pop solo artist Stilla is a dreamy tale about caring for someone but wondering why they are so unnecessarily mean a lot of the time. As they fail to answer your calls you feel that this is probably going to end badly, even though you truly love them and wish they would change that psyche so that you can be happy instead of sad.

Sometimes love is so confusing, when actually it should be sweet and simple.

Listen to this striking new single on Spotify and get a sense of who she is on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Guess Its My Fault: Mickey Gold opens up about his recent struggles on ‘My Mind Is Made’

As he gently shows us into a scar-filled world that so many of us can relate to, Mickey Gold faded away for a while as he worked on brushing away the mental demons forever with his new single called ‘My Mind Is Made‘.

20-year old Long Island, New York-born Mickey Gold is a Brooklyn, New York-based indie pop/rock/electronic recording artist and music producer who fuses in hip-hop with a tasty blend of Lo-fi.

One night, I was in a depressed state, just burnt out basically. Using music as a coping mechanism, I made a song. My intention wasn’t to write a story but it became one.” ~ Mickey Gold

With a true account all about mental health and performed from two perspectives on the trauma from that deafening silence, Mickey Gold leads us into a picture that many will find eerily familiar. This is a natural storyteller who isn’t afraid to open up his heart, to a world that can wrap you full of plastic until you struggle to see where you need to be.

My Mind Is Made‘ from the Brooklyn-based music producer and artist Mickey Gold is a soul-healing new single for anyone who needs to hear the truth. You can feel like you need to hide away for a while to deal with your issues when actually the best way is to be around those who truly care about you. Meshing your soul together to make everyone stronger should be the plan, as keeping yourself locked away just makes it all worse.

Sung with real insight into a feeling that millions deal with each day, this is a superb track to play when you need inspiration away from the cold darkness and into the warm light again.

Hear this intimate new single on Spotify and see more of his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

How I Feel: Delightfully exhilarating Australian Pop artist Stilla remembers that sweet moment she misses on Sugarbabes cover ‘About You Now’ (feat. Cam Noble)

After the remarkably huge and well-deserved success of her debut track ‘Somebody Else‘, Stilla tastefully returns with a stunning new single all about knowing you need those sweet kisses again on ‘About You Now(feat. Cam Noble).

Stilla is a dazzlingly exciting 20-year-old Australian indie Pop singer-songwriter with a stylishly tremendous natural style that you are either born with or not.

Featuring the well-respected pianist and music producer Cam Noble, this is a soulful spin on a Sugarbabes classic that has you turning the volume up and singing with to shatter windows nearby. The story about those regrets ring true, as you close your eyes and hope that your tender lips shall be happily reacquainted again in the near future.

Her stimulating voice has your heart beating twice, as you quickly realize you’re listening to someone truly special. Each second seems effortless and the world class production only makes this a really dazzling release, which is immaculately projected and worth more than one listen.

About You Now(feat. Cam Noble) from the highly promising Australian indie Pop artist Stilla, shows us a scintillating singer who hasn’t even reached an inch of her potential yet. She holds her lovely voice with such classy elegance and brings us a new look into a classic track – that so many of us remember – with her own lathering of beauty inside to make this something rather excellent.

Hear this fresh track on Spotify and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen