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Hanging by a Thread: Ariana Molkara senses they’re messing with her head on the outstanding I Don’t Wanna Drown

Feeling the space between herself and a lover who she loves but is worried about showing her true feelings for fear of rocking the boat overboard, Ariana Molkara sings with the kind of gloriously classy energy to put shivers on the spines of those who want to be happy in love on I Don’t Wanna Drown.

Ariana Molkara is a radiantly exceptional award-winning Los Angeles-based 19-year-old singer-songwriter, actress and UPenn Wharton ‘27 student who has that extra hunger in her sparkling eyes which has her believing in her abilities.

Previously known best for her roles in Septembers of Shiraz and as Darby in WARPED!, Ariana Molkara is utterly mesmerising on I Don’t Wanna Drown and might cause hearts to flutter in abundance. This is the kind of honest single with a breathtaking beat, to catapult emotions into a reflective gaze of wonder at what the possibilities could be.

I Don’t Wanna Drown from your new favourite Southern California-born pop/EDM singer and actress Ariana Molkara is a rather special effort from a massively talented creative. She puts her heart and soul into this one of the results are supremely excellent no matter what genre you usually consume.

Having that lifejacket close for two is always a smart idea.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Different View: Bradley Foster wonders why we can’t feed the homeless on Moment of Truth

With the release of his debut album To Reach Blue Skies on the way shortly, Bradley Foster knows that the time is now to see how the world is going to survive all the carnage and poor leadership in abundance on the socially conscious new release Moment of Truth.

Bradley Foster is a 19-year-old South West, UK-based indie hip hop solo artist who is inspired by Kendrick Lamar and Little Simz.

Seeking to convey his music in multiple styles, all while maintaining a consistent brand & identity, is one of the factors that make this artist one to keep an eye out for.” ~ Bradley Foster

Engaging the conversation and keeping things real throughout, Bradley Foster might be starting a new generation of self-aware musicians who help the world be a better place. Rapped with an actual edge we all needed to hear and quick-fire lyrics pulsating with visions of the world that are packed with a genuine message, this is a vital single to turn up loud.

Encouraging introspectiveness & the realisation of individual importance within society.” ~ Bradley Foster

Moment of Truth from 19-year-old South West, UK-based indie hip hop solo artist Bradley Foster is an important single that shall make you ponder how we got here. Showing us deep inside the truth and never backing down on his thoughts, this is a track that is perched with honesty. Sad with the current state of affairs but trying to stay positive, as the journey to blue skies awaits.

Music always shows you exactly what is happening if you listen closely.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

esperr tries to figure out how to keep this flame burning bright on ‘It Feels OK’

Taken from his brand new 8-track release called ‘Foxes‘, esperr unlocks the door and shows us deeply into what he is sensing right now in a world that has been rather cruel lately on ‘It Feels OK‘.

esperr aka Benjamin Roberti is a 19-year-old rural Pennsylvania-born indie singer-songwriter, music producer and sound engineer.

Benjamin’s music focuses on deeply personal yet ambiguous songwriting mixed with digital and somewhat ethereal feeling soundscapes with texturized vocal manipulation.” ~ esperr

Loaded with analog synthesizers and a distorted output, esperr delights with a storming track that rains down with some aplomb, taking us into a studious place of ponder inside all of our relationships. With a searing sound that is truly his own, this is a welcome addition to our playlists when we feel like taking time out to meditate our worries away into the distance.

A lot of the subject matter in Benjamin’s music is focused on discussing feelings of isolation, and loneliness.” ~ esperr

It Feels OK‘ from Pennsylvania-born indie singer-songwriter/music producer esperr is an experimental release of epic proportions. Performed with a highly introspective style, this is a single that will shake your spine and make you unwind as you look inside your life and work out if everything will actually be okay.

Working out all the angles is so important, so that you can cut out anything that makes you unhappy.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sani Knight feels like he doesn’t deserve this ‘Heaven Sent’ love

Sensing that he’s rather obsessed with this angelic figure who has flown into his world unexpectedly, Sani Knight wonders if this is real and if he actually warrants being attached to this fine human who has surely been sent from another planet with ‘Heaven Sent‘.

Sani Knight is a 19-year-old Los Angeles, California-based RnB/Hip hop solo artist who is lyrically aware and makes a thought-provoking blend of music to turn up loud.

Justifying his name as one of the more promising artists in the USA right now, Sani Knight displays such a classy style, smooth vocals and comes packed with a catchy beat than will have you nodding your head. There is no flash here, only the real deal to raise your hands aloft with.

Heaven Sent‘ from Los Angeles, California-based RnB/Hip hop solo artist Sani Knight is one of those tracks that gets you off your seat and makes you think extra deep about what you have in life. He flows with a confident style that is refreshingly sincere and grabs your attention because of the sharply created chemistry on offer.

A song to roll with when you feel like the person you are with – actually deserves better than you  – that will have you looking into the mirror to find that greatness within.

Soak your soul with this new single on Spotify and follow the socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London alt-RnB artist Sean Murefu rolls the windows down one new single ‘Gucci Sneakers’

Lighting up and sending the car into a smoke-filled state that has others looking inside from a distance, Sean Murefu laces up and looks into the eye of his lover and wants them to be united as one with ‘Gucci Sneakers‘.

Sean Murefu is a 19-year-old indie alt-RnB/pop solo artist who is based in London, UK and makes a fresh blend of likeable music that sends you into a reflective place.

Sending us a single that will have you in a dreamy mood and admiring the crisp vocals with a tender beat that has you nodding your tired head, Sean Murefu is the young kid on the block who is making impressive moves. He sings with confident freedom that is never too much to stomach, on a track that might send shivers roaming briskly all over your spine.

Gucci Sneakers‘ from the London, UK-based indie alt-RnB/pop solo artist Sean Murefu, is a promising track that has your mind into a blaze-loaded state of affairs that has you flaring another one up. Being with that right person is so important and we feel the connection here, from a young artist that has found his gem amongst the rubble of the world.

Sung with a smooth and unrushed atmosphere, this is the kind of track you play when you are with someone who you feel you can trust with all your secrets.

Check out the YouTube video and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Look For Purpose: Westside Ultra feel invincible on rapid-fire ‘Drunk Villain Freestyle’

As he takes command of the mic beside him and vows to always be in control of his own destiny, Westside Ultra sips up quick and lashes down his raw bars on the brand new ‘Drunk Villain Freestyle‘.

19-year-old Westside Ultra is a Midwest-born, Texas-based indie rapper who has made it his mission to grab hold of his future and never let go no matter what.

Growing up with a father who has a passion for music, it only made sense that some of that became ingrained in him at a young age. It wasn’t until years later in high school, that writing and putting out music as something fun, would lead to a full-time passion for music and the industry.” ~ Westside Ultra

Displaying his youthful charm and shredding through each verse with signature aplomb, Westside Ultra dusts off anything shadowing over his shine on a track that leads us into his thoughtful mind that knows these bad habits could break him down at any moment.

Drunk Villain Freestyle‘ from the upcoming Midwest-born, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist Westside Ultra, is a story all about setting aside those inner doubts that can hold you back as you attempt to keep things simple and down the demons one gulp at a time. He displays impressive rap skills with a beat attached that seems to suit his aura just right. With so many artists in the game and those bills piling up, it is certainly hard to keep the faith. This seems to be a rapper who understands his strengths and just wants to forge ahead until he truly makes it on top.

Life is about taking risks after all when others decide to take the easy route and never fulfil their true potential.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Telling Me How To Live: Interior Alaska-born trap artist Owen MacDonald knows that its time to leave on ‘Who Do You Think You Are’

With an almost crystalized beat that has your engaged speakers feeling so carefree and in the zone to succeed, Owen MacDonald brushes off the dust from a selfish ex that was too bossy and ultimately chased him away forever on ‘Who Do You Think You Are‘.

Owen MacDonald is a 19-year-old indie trap solo artist who is based in Chicago currently and was born in the beautifully peaceful wilderness of Interior Alaska.

Owen MacDonald might be one of the most underrated underground trap musicians in the world right now. He sings with an impressively high standard of intent and everything is classy crisp from this young artist who has the world at his feet. If he can smartly navigate the steep pitfalls and evil temptations which can hold you back from that top echelon level that so many crave, you feel like he can fly high like a mighty Alaskan Bald Eagle searching for a new nest to conquer.

Who Do You Think You Are‘ from the youthful Chicago-based indie trap solo artist Owen MacDonald, is that encouraging song for us to hear if we feel confined in living a life that isn’t ours. Sometimes we get sucked into moments or people that aren’t really what we are all about – and the mission to escape from that empty space feeling – is so vital to truly live in reality again. Sung with a genuine application from an inventive man who loves to evolve, this is a truly remarkable release that shall help you find your true purpose away from the fake chains that can grab hold of you in this quick-swipe world.

Hear this fresh new track on Spotify and see more of his rising story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen