TAELA – Dance Drink Repeat: Tribally Rhythmic Moody Dance Pop

“Dance Drink Repeat” may only be the second single released by breaking EDM Pop artist TAELA. But they have already won over plenty of Pop fans with their rhythmically flawless sound.

If the top 40 was based on vocal talent alone, you’d find TAELA’s name close to the top. But instead of going with the usual ecstatically abrasive Pop vocal style, she’s incorporated a slightly melancholic sensibility around the danceable euphoria which spills from Dance Drink Repeat.

For all too long we’ve had to ingest Pop that is produced under the pretence that anyone hits the club or the bottle without some kind of niggling sadness creeping into their psyche. But Dance Drink Repeat perfectly alludes to how lonely it can feel to be surrounded by party vibes when you’re drinking to forget. It’s a hard-hitter in every way possible.

You can check out TAELA’s latest single by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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