Synthwave Artist Neon Exdeath Makes Their Debut with the Resonantly Captivating Album “Escape”

“Escape” is just one of the standout tracks found on up and coming Synthwave artist Neon Exdeath’s debut album of the same name.

Even though there’s a fair amount of dark synth-led Electronica already out there on the airwaves, Neon Exdeath sets themselves apart by not failing to spill emotivity through their soundscapes without allowing it to resonate as saccharine.

There may be plenty of reverb on their vocals, but you’d need to be soulfully challenged to not be touched by this sweetly mesmeric single which makes the dark electronica genre a little friendlier.

With choruses you could melt into and Neon Exdeath’s delicately distinctive approach to orchestrating electronic soundscapes, it’s hard to imagine that their unmissable debut is the last we’ll hear of them.

You can check out Neon Exdeath’s debut album Escape for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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