Synth-pop meets pop-punk in XUINN’s resonantly sharp single, I Don’t Know Anymore.

For anyone feeling disjointed through perpetuating confusion and a lack of direction, XUINN’s pop-punk-meets-synth-pop track, Don’t Know Anymore, is powerful enough to become a lifeline.

With the weight in the resonant lyrics and the light ever-ascending melodies, it’s a perfectly balanced track. It appeals to those who have found the futility in the fight with ennui while the colourful and snappy beats impart the strength in resilience.

I Don’t Know Anymore became definitive proof that with enough humility, sincerity can be at the heart of any pop track. Since making his debut in 2017, the Floridian alt-pop artist hasn’t failed to gain traction in his career; and it’s unlikely that we have heard the best from him yet. Save space on your radar.

I Don’t Know Anymore is taken from XUINN’s debut, Hide in Silence. It is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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