Syne – Midas: A Concordant Attack on Modern Capitalist Greed

So many of us are thinking it, but few are able to encapsulate the exasperating sadness which we feel as a consequence of modern capitalism quite as poignantly as Syne.

If you’re looking for a transcendental aural trip, look no further than the ambiently immersive latest single from Syne. The Indie Folk Pop soundscape is incredibly ingenious in the way it uses primally compelling organic rhythms to serve as the perfect platform for Syne’s mindful lyrics which will hopefully inspire plenty of people around the world.

The single was released on 19th April in honour of Earth Day by the exceptional up and coming artist who is using their arrestive talent to try and bring light to the all-important issue. But rather spoon feeding you existentialism, you’re left with chills as the mellifluously progressive single unravels.

You can check out the animated music video for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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