Swissalpz releases latest single Roll Up

Swissalpz releases infectious and upbeat single ‘Roll Up’ infusing that electronic style of music and creating some killer beats to go with it.

From the get go, it takes you on this journey through the use of sound effects and how combining them together in a short amount of time can create an insane piece. Having that suspense fill the air, as you wait for the breakdown to hit and the beat gets higher and more distorted, which it does in certain parts.

There are a lot of eerie sounds and some vocals that sound more robotic and autotuned to add to the melody that flows throughout. The rhythm gives of this heart-pumping feeling as each second is filled with these manic high-pitched melodies that just pulse through every element.

Considering it’s a shorter piece, what has gone into it is impressive each part combines with one and another perfectly and not one bit seems out of place, the use of effects gives it a different tone and it’s not all the same, it makes you feel good as you listen.

Listen to Swissalpz Roll Up by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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