SwingLove – This is War: Who Said Politics & Hard Rock Don’t Mix?

This Rock hit has all the elements that you’d expect from an angsty Hard Rock anthem and more. This is War is the sensational new track from SwingLove, it’s not just audio bliss; the political message behind his music is much more important. Artists who use their platforms to positively influence the world will always get massive respect from me.

This is War was written to express the artists disdain for the dystopian nightmare that America has happened to find themselves in the midst of after Donald Trump was elected as president last year. It feels criminal to ignore the amazing music behind the track, but the passion behind his resistance is so powerful it’s pretty hard to ignore. The Lyrics to This is War are as hard hitting as they come.
“This ain’t the way we wanted things to be, we tried to reason, but you’re a disease. This ain’t the paradise that we had in mind. Sometimes I wonder how we could be so blind.”

SwingLove mixes his admirable sentimentality around his Hard Rock sound which is infused by elements of New Wave to create a dark, synthy masterpiece which serves as a perfect sign of the times.

You can check out SwingLove’s track This is War on SoundCloud:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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