Swimming in uncharted seas: Yasmine Gill is beautifully breathtaking during poignant relationship moment on ‘Blind’

Showing us her graceful voice that has your heart lost in the maze of love, Yasmine Gill is quite exquisite on her new blinkered single all about feeling lost called ‘Blind‘.

Yasmine Gill is an expressive Montreal, Quebec RnB/pop artist who has a sensually classy voice, that takes you to places you haven’t felt for so long, as her jazzy-trained tone lifts you up high and soothes away the mixed emotions that you currently feel.

This is the striking story of feeling lost in love when you felt really good before, as you start to realize that perhaps you are in too deep and need to come up to shore and take a deep breath again. Things have moved so fast and whilst it was exciting for a while, you feel like something is off and you have changed from who you know you are inside your soul.

Her vocal ability is supremely world class and each word is sung with purpose, you see her swimming in the rough seas and help her by throwing out a lifebuoy into her arms, pulling her out of where she doesn’t feel at home, guiding her to calmer waters where she feels comfortable and warm. Being away from the fake energy and back into the authentic light, is where she shines brightest.

Blind‘ from the spectacular sweet-soul of Canadian singer Yasmine Gill, makes you realize that finding that tribe who truly gets you, is what life is really about. Being with someone who doesn’t fully understand what makes you tick, isn’t going to truly make you happy long-term.

Sometimes we are blinded by lust of strong fleeting feelings when loneliness strikes and its only when you sit back and open your eyes, you see where you want to be in life. Being yourself and warm inside, keeps that cold wind of anxiousness away forever.

Hear this stunning new single on Spotify and see more of her music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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