Swedish Rap Artist Kevin Jazz Releases Solid Track “The Case”

It’s nice when music can delve into high fantasy and create world to explore. But when we face difficulties in our lives, sometimes escapism isn’t the right way. Sometimes we need to relate to each other and find common ground that helps us deal with what we’re feeling so that we may confront our situations. Such is the Case with…the Case, by Kevin Jazz. From the title alone, this song is about confronting a reality. That may not be something we enjoy doing, but music helps everyone deal with their problems in some shape or form and this song takes the honest route with this.

Kevin Jazz has a strong presence and when it comes to layering over himself, producer CorMill and mixer Tyler Nicolo know just how and when to lay down several vocal recordings at once to emphasize points and create tonal shifts that never verge on overdramatic, but remain effective. The beats are squeaky clean and the bass is booming. Rhymes are thematic and self-referential. This is a solid rap track no matter what angle you look at it from. If you find yourself wanting to feel some truths, this is the song for you. That’s simply the Case.

-Paul Weyer

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