Swedish artist Afrancis dazzles on debut electro-pop song ”Lonely People”

Afrancis is a Swedish singer-songwriter who is here to stimulate our hearts with her new dazzling song ”Lonely People”.

There are random faces everywhere sometimes when you go out and can tend to forget all the names. It’s about feeling lonely and doing things to feel less lonely, things that are not always good for you, things that hurt you. This is such a thought-provoker and I feel the lyrics from the song and the meanings. Due to social media and the way the world has changed, we are all so lonely which is so sad.

With smooth vocals that get your back tingling, Afrancis produces a strong performance on ”Lonely People”.

In the video on YouTube, she meets a stranger who is receptive to her music, unlike the crowd already there. This is how life is sometimes, you have to find your tribe and be around them to stay strong in this doubt-filled world.

Lonely People” explores a very interesting topic and we are treated to a dazzling performance from Afrancis. She is a fine singer who has put together a track that means so much inside and I can’t wait to see her play live and find out more about her.

Stream this new electronic marvel right here on this Spotify music page.

Watch this creative video on YouTube.

Find out more about this artist on her Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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