Sway – Fun & Games: Quintessentially Quaint Indie

Throwing professionalism out of the window, I’m going to have to proclaim Sway’s latest single Fun & Games as fricking adorable. As sweet as the experimentally winding progression of the instrumentals were, it will be the vocals that instantaneously grip you through their quintessential charm. There are very few vocalists who would come close to being comparable to Sway’s quaintly soft lyrical delivery.

Fun & Games has all the makings of a solid Indie hit, and it’s just one of the singles from their latest album “Who Killed Karma”. Whilst there may be an unenviable amount of competition in the Indie genre at the moment, it’s clear that Sway are nothing but your typical emerging act.

You can check out Sway’s latest single Fun & Games which was released September 14th, for yourself by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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