Swan Nosta X Grimzilla Release ‘KLOROX V6’

Swan Nosta X Grimzilla just hit the scene with a brand new track titled Klorox V6. The sound of this tune is hard-hitting, great and straight-forward, going for a dark and aggressive mood.

The in-your-face delivery, fuzzy melodies and saturated drum-machine beats make me think of the work of artists such as Death Grips or Odd Future. The great thing about “Klorox V6″ is that the song is absolutely unpredictable. These artists follow a very diverse creative process that really is keen on breaking all the rules, defining a very powerful set of aesthetics and refusing to stealing to any stereotype.

I am a big fan of this particular approach to production, since it really allows the music to branch out and explore various creative settings seamlessly. This particular approach to rap is quite daring, as relatively few artists are really so willing to think outside the lines and find their own process.

This production approach makes me think of the work of painters like Jackson Pollock, who create stunning works of art from apparent chaos: only it is not really chaos, but a clever order of things most common minds just cannot really understand at all! If you could turn a Pollock painting into a hip-hop tune, it might sound like this.

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